23 Fun Facts About Pugs That Will Shock You!

Pugs are one of the most adorable breeds on the planet. They have a distinct look and personality that makes them irresistible to humans.

But, what is it about these dogs that make them so popular? Read this article to find out 23 fun facts about pugs that will shock you!

23 Fun facts about pugs

Pugs are the fourth most popular dog in America.

Pugs are the fourth most popular dog in America.  They have been around for centuries, but their popularity has surged in recent years due to celebrities owning them. This is largely due to their adorable appearance and great personality.

Pugs make great family pets.

Pugs are an excellent choice for a family pet. They have a short coat, which makes them easy to groom and maintain. Their small size is also great for living in an apartment or condo, so you don’t need a lot of space to accommodate your new four-legged friend.

If you’re looking for the perfect pup to add some love and companionship into your life, then it’s time to meet the pug!

Pug puppies can be very expensive.

Pug puppies can be very expensive. These little dogs are the perfect size for just about anyone, but they do come with a price tag that may make you think twice before buying one.

When purchasing a pug puppy from a breeder, expect to pay around $1000-$3000 depending on the type of pup you want.

Pug puppies are called “puglets.”

Pug puppies are called “puglets.” – This is a term used to describe a baby pug.

Pugs can’t go more than 5 minutes without panting!

Pugs are the most adorable dogs on the planet. They’re cute, they’re loving, and they love to play. But one thing that people don’t know about pugs is that they can’t go more than 5 minutes without panting!

Pugs are a short-nosed breed of dog which means their breathing passages are very small and so it’s not uncommon for them to have respiratory problems such as wheezing or snoring.

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Pugs Have Curly Tails, And Here’s Why.

Pugs are well-known for their curly tails. While many people assume that this is a breed trait, the truth is that it’s actually because of genetics and crossbreeding.

Pugs have a tendency to get flatulence (pass gas).

Pugs are a small breed of dog that have the tendency to get flatulence (pass gas). This can be quite embarrassing for both you and your pug. Flatulence usually occurs when there is too much air in the stomach or intestines, which causes gas.

There are many things you can do to help reduce your pug’s flatulence (passing gas) such as not feeding them from an elevated dish so they swallow less air, feed them smaller meals, and exercise more.

Female pugs tend to be more active than male pugs.

Female pugs tend to be more active than male pugs. Studies have shown that females are more inquisitive and playful than males, which may contribute to their activity levels.

It is believed that this difference in behavior stems from testosterone levels and the amount of estrogen present in a female’s body.

Some pugs can’t swim because they ‘re so short.

Some pugs can’t swim because they ‘re so short. This may not seem like a big deal but it’s actually very dangerous for them if they ever find themselves in water!

Pugs snore loudly due to the shortened airway.

Pugs are known for their flat, wrinkly faces and short snouts. The shorter the airway is, the louder a pug will snore. This means that these breeds of dogs can make a lot of noise at night time.

A pug’s shortened airway makes it so they cannot breathe properly during sleep. Pug snores loudly because of this and people who live with them may need to invest in ear plugs or heavy curtains to block out the sound!

Pugs are prone to obesity.

Pugs are more prone to obesity than other breeds. They have a gene that predisposes them to become obese, which can lead to heart disease and diabetes.

Owners should be aware of the risks associated with owning a pug, and take steps such as feeding their pug less or getting them involved in regular exercise like walking.

A Pug’s nose wrinkles when it smells something unpleasant.

A pug has an extremely sensitive sense of smell. When they detect an unpleasant odor such as vomit or feces, their nostrils crinkle up to protect them from inhaling the foul air and possible toxins in it. This reflex is similar to how humans hold their noses when smelling a terrible stench.

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Image by Katrinbechtel from Pixabay

How Pugs Got Their Name.

Pugs are a very cute breed of dog that were originally bred in China and given to Dutch traders as gifts. They then brought them back to Europe where they began breeding the dogs for their appearance, which eventually became popular among European royalty.

Pugs are prone to breathing problems.

Pugs are prone to breathing problems because of their physical structure. Their deep chest, short muzzle and shallow nose make it difficult for them to breathe easily and can cause respiratory problems in some cases.

These symptoms include coughing, sneezing, wheezing or gasping when taking a breath as well as difficulty in breathing.

The average lifespan of a pug is 12-15 years old.

The average lifespan of a pug is 12-15 years old. They can be susceptible to various health problems such as hip dysplasia, arthritis, heart disease, obesity and diabetes, but their lives are often extended by proper care and medical attention.

The average weight of a Pug is between 12-14 pounds.

The average weight of a Pug is between 12-14 pounds. The Pugs were bred to be companion dogs so they do not need much exercise.

This does mean that their metabolism will be slower than other dog breeds, which means they might put on weight more easily if they’re overfed or inactive for too long.

Pugs come in five colors.

Pugs come in five colors: fawn, black, silver, white and brindle.Black pugs are the most common color. Fawn pugs have a yellowish brown coat with dark spots on their body.

Silver pugs can be seen as gray or white, and they have light colored markings on their head and tail area. White Pugs are born all white but as they grow older their color will turn to shades of gray or brown depending on how much sun they are exposed to.

Pugs Are Always Smiling, and Here’s Why.

Pugs are an extremely happy breed of dog. This is because they have short muzzles that make them look like they’re always smiling. Some people think that the “smile” is genetic, but it actually comes from their structure!

Pugs are great with kids.

Pugs are a great dog breed for kids. They are playful, gentle and good with children of all ages. They’re small enough to be picked up by little hands but strong enough to stand up to rough playtime.

The wrinkly skin is also an advantage because it’s less likely to get scratched or scraped when your child rolls around on the floor playing tag or hide-and-seek with their best friend!

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Pugs love to snuggle!

What makes them so amazing is their personality; they love to snuggle with people and get as much attention as possible. Snuggling up to someone or something will usually make a dog feel safe and happy because it’s a sign of affection.

Pugs are excellent guard dogs!

Pugs are excellent guard dogs. They have a loud bark, and are always alert to any sound or movement. They also look tough so intruders will be discouraged by their appearance.

Pugs Were Bred to Be Companions for Ruling Emperors.

Pugs were bred to be companions for ruling emperors. They were originally bred in China during the Han Dynasty as companion dogs for royalty.

It is unknown exactly when pugs became popular outside of China, but they are thought to have traveled with Buddhist monks and pilgrims on their way to trade or explore.

Pugs are very low maintenance.

Pugs are a breed of dog that require very little maintenance. In fact, they are considered to be one of the least-maintenance breeds in existence. This is due to their small size and friendly nature.

Pugs do not need large amounts of exercise or stimulation like other breeds because they can get bored easily and don’t enjoy being left alone for long periods of time. A pug’s life consists mainly of eating, sleeping, playing with toys and getting attention from their owners.