A baby bulldog beside a slow feeder dog bowl.

Best Slow Feeder Dog Bowl For Small Dogs (Rated for 2023)

Have you ever watched your dog eat? It’s not a pretty sight. They gobble food down like a starving monster, and when they’re done, they look like they just ran a race.

Bloat (or gastric distension) occurs in two-thirds of all dogs. If a dog eats too quickly, he or she can experience bloat, which is caused by excessive amounts of fluid, food, and air filling up their stomach.

Bloat can be very dangerous for dogs—it’s the number one cause of canine emergency room visits that are serious enough to require surgery.

And if your dog does suffer from bloat, he or she is more likely to experience it again in the future, which is why it’s so important to slow down how fast your dog eats. In this article, I will reveal the 5 best slow feeder dog bowls for small dogs, that every dog owner needs.

5 Best Slow Feeder Dog Bowl For Small Dogs

JASGOOD Slow Feeder Dog Bowl

Small and medium dogs often eat too fast and often feel uncomfortable. This causes the dog to vomit, and this is dangerous for dogs. That’s why the JASGOOD Dog Food Mat Slow Feeder Bowl is here to help you solve that problem.

This feeder bowl can hold about 1.5 cups of dog food. It will help prevent your dog from gorging itself, thus helping prevent hairballs from building up, improving digestion, reducing gas and keeping regular bowel movements.

The non-slip bottom makes the bowls stay in place while they eat and also makes cleanup a cinch! It is also dishwasher safe and super easy to clean, as well as lightweight, so you can wash and store it easily. This is a must-have for any pet owner, so grab yours today!

LE TAUCI Ceramic Slow Feeder Dog Bowl

Feeding your dog is just one of those things that you kind of have to do. But, it doesn’t have to be a daily hassle. With this Le Taucu Ceramic Slow Feeder Dog Bowl, it can actually be somewhat enjoyable and even beneficial.

The ceramic construction of this dog bowl is lead-free and safe for use in your microwave. This design works great as a slow feeder because of how the ridges create a maze that your dog must navigate in order to eat all of his food.

This particular slow feeder bowl can hold up to 3/4 cup of dry dog food and has a non-slip base, so he can’t simply push it around the floor with his nose.​​​​​​​

Outward Hound Fun Feeder Slo Bowl

Outward Hound Fun Feeder Slo Bowls are the solution to your fast-eating dog dilemma! These unique, meal-lengthening dog bowls make mealtime more fun. The Grub Slow Feeder Dog Bowls challenges dogs and slows down their eating rate by up to 10X!

The Grub Slow Feeder Dog Bowl has a ridged design, making it less slippery and also better for your dog’s teeth, while also encouraging dogs to engage during mealtimes.

Outward Hound Fun Feeder Slo Bowls are available in multiple sizes, shapes and colors with a non-skid bottom, so they can’t slip away from them at mealtime.

Raw Paws Pet Slow Feeder Dog Bowl

Why struggle with bowls that can’t slow your pet’s eating? The Raw Paws Pet Slow Feeding Dog Bowl is the perfect solution. With patented style and design, the Raw Paws dog maze bowl helps prevent bloating and bloat from dog treats and food by slowing your pet’s eating.

With a wider bottom and deeper center, it holds up to 1.5 cups of dry kibble and slows your dog’s feeding frenzy by 10 times! It works well with wet food or kibble – making it a great choice for cats, too.

Dogs of all ages, sizes, breeds and special needs can benefit from this maze dog bowl set. It’s the right choice for pets with joint problems, dental issues and slower eaters!​​​​​​​

DPOEGTS Slow Feeder Dog Bowl

The DPOEGTS Slow Feeder dog bowl is a gorgeous and practical slow feeder for the world’s cutest dogs. It can hold 1.5 cups of wet or dry dog food, depending on the size of your pet’s food chunks. The slow-feeder dog bowl is great for dogs that eat too fast and get indigestion, or simply don’t take enough time to enjoy their meals.

The sturdy design also includes 6 non-slip mats at the bottom of the bowl to effectively reduce slippage and damage to flooring when pets dine. It’s lightweight, dishwasher safe and will give plenty of years of service. The top rim is designed with a maze in a bowl that provides mental stimulation while slowing down mealtime.

Wider base with rubber grips prevents rolling or tipping, suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Perfect for small to medium-sized dogs without blocking larger pet’s view or interfering with their mealtime enjoyment by begging for snacks!

Best Stainless Steel Slow Feed Dog Bowl

WHIPPY slow feeder dog bowl

WHIPPY slow feeder dog bowls are designed to help with canine obesity. The design is based on the premise that when dogs eat from a WHIPPY slow feed bowl, they are required to use more mental attention in order to consume their food, resulting in a slower feeding process.

This is due to the solid centerpiece of the bowl, which causes them to eat along the edges with more mental attention, rather than gulping down their food quickly like most do with traditional bowls. The stainless material ensures the sturdiness of the puppy bowl, does not rust, fade or deform.

Best Slow Feeder Dog Bowl For Flat-Faced Dogs

Leashboss Flat Face Feeder

Leashboss is a game changer for flat-faced dogs, especially those with short snouts. They have the tendency to eat too fast and are often frustrated by bowls that leave them eating around food stuck in narrow spaces or deep dips.

The Leashboss Feeder features wide channels and shallow dips, which make it easy for these dogs to access their kibble without becoming frustrated. It also has a gentle incline, which helps small and medium size dogs reach their food more easily. This slow feed bowl helps promote slower eating and improved digestion.

Best Raised Slow Feeder Dog Bowl

AUKL Raised Dog Slow Feeder Bowl

Have you ever been worried about your dog’s health because of his or her fast eating habits? If so, the AUKL Elevated Dog Slow Feeder Bowl is a great solution. The slow feeder bowl has an elevated stand that provides a healthy feeding position and adjustable heights for 4in/6.5in/9in.

This helps prolong meal time and reduces the risk of bloating, indigestion, and choking caused by fast eating. In addition to this, the large capacity 1L / 4.2 Cup food bowl with inclined design ensures that your dog’s food doesn’t get stuck in corners where it becomes difficult to eat.

Slow Feeder Dog Bowl Pros And Cons

A lot of dog owners struggle with feeding their dogs in a timely manner. Dogs that are given their food too quickly tend to overeat and gain weight, which can lead to health problems down the line.

Slow feeder bowls may be an effective solution for this problem. Here are some pros and cons to slow feeder dog bowls:


1) It helps prevent bloating and vomiting by giving your pet time to digest its meal without any issues;

2) The size of the bowl is perfect for smaller breeds and senior dogs;

3) It can also help with anxiety and stress, as it forces your pet to slow down while eating;

4) The bowls are easy to clean by just tossing them in the dishwasher after use.

5) The last pro of this type of dog bowl is that you don’t have to worry about your pup overeating or trying to scarf their food quickly!


1) This type of dog bowl can be slightly more expensive.

2) There are some breeds that have difficulty consuming food from this type of bowl, so it might not work for all dogs.

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