West Highland White Terrier

3 Small Dog Breeds That Start With The Letter W (Solved)

Dogs make perfect companions, whether it is going for daily walks, snuggling at the side, or playing fetch, dogs just to keep you happy, physically, mentally, and all other benefits. There are many reasons to have a pet dog, but what is most important to consider is the emotional well being. 

Pet owners tend to have lower incidences of divorce, have lower rates of stress, and have less likely depression. Dogs have been known to calm people down in extremely stressful situations, and the dog is so much a part of our lives. They are reliable and affectionate, and give us unconditional love and loyalty.

It is a dog owner’s responsibility to take care of their animals properly and provide exercise, nutrition, and shelter. If you provide these basic needs to your pet and treat them well, they will reward you by loving you unconditionally and providing you with years of faithful, caring attention.

West Highland White Terrier

West Highland White Terrier
Image by isabellasarreti from Pixabay

The West Highland White Terrier, more commonly called the Westie, is actually a very mild-mannered and amiable breed of purebred dog in Scotland with a dull white coat with somewhat silvery undercoat. The West Highland White Terrier usually weighs in at less than twenty pounds for an adult and between twelve and fifteen pounds for a female.

West Highland White Terriers is slightly hairier than most terriers, but their coats are very fine and smooth with no loose hair. The West Highland White Terrier was originally bred to be a sports dog, a companion dog, and a pet for the British royalty.

In the beginning the dogs were used for hunting, as they have good noses for foxes and are great at finding the hidden prey. As time passed, however, the popularity of these dogs increased and in the last decade or so, the west highland white terriers have become quite popular throughout the world.

Wire Fox Terrier

The Wire Fox Terrier is simply a mixed breed of various dog breeds, one of several highly-popular dog breeds around the world. It’s a hybrid cross between the Smooth Fox Terrier and the Wire Fox Terrier, though they are said to have been created separate. This cross was then bred to produce the highly-coveted Wire Fox Terrier today.

They are said to be significantly gentler than the Smooth Fox Terrier, and extremely intelligent, as well as being friendly, lively and easy to train. Wire Fox Terriers were originally bred as companion animals or pets for those who could not own other dogs. As their popularity increased, however, so did the number of people looking to own these unique dogs.

Today, the Wire Fox Terrier is just as popular as any other breed. Their gentle personality makes them great for people who want a friendly, non-aggressive dog that loves children, yet has enough strength to guard against potential predators.

Welsh Terrier

Welsh Terrier
Image by Rolaman from Pixabay

The Welsh Terrier originated from the tiny island of Wales, and has been originally bred primarily for hunting badgers, foxes, and rodents; although over the past century, it’s become largely used for show. Despite this though, it still retains some of its hunting instinct.

The Welsh Terrier is a very loyal companion and a very good watchdog; they are even said to be able to sense when their master is in danger or injured. They can also sense a change in the surrounding territory by emitting a sort of pheromone.

The Welsh Terrier is fairly rare and extremely popular. Because it is so popular, you can find these dogs in just about any breed register around the world. You’ll also notice that Welsh Terriers are incredibly easy to train and should live long and healthy lives.