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8 Best Car Booster Seats for Small Dogs (Updated 2023)

You know the importance of choosing the right car booster seats for your pet, but are worried about whether you’ve chosen the best one. Finding the best one may seem simple at first, but with so many options out there, it gets complicated very quickly.

Between safety ratings, comfort levels and price points, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by all the options out there. Read our review of 5 car booster seats for small dogs and select the best one for you and your furry friend.

Best Car Booster Seats For Small Dogs

#1 (TOP PICK) – K&H PET PRODUCTS Bucket Booster Seat​​​​​​​

K&H Pet Products Bucket Booster Dog Car Seat with Dog Seat Belt for Car, Washable Small Dog Car Seat, Sturdy Dog Booster Seats for Small Dogs, Medium Dogs, 2 Safety Leashes, Large Tan/Tan

If you are looking for a new way to take your dog out, then K&H PET products could be just what you’re looking for. The K&H Bucket Booster is a new addition to the range of competing dog seats, and the best feature is that it is designed to work with almost any vehicle.

This means that if you have an SUV, truck, or any other type of vehicle the Bucket Booster will fit it perfectly, and no matter what kind of seat that you have there will be a suitable K&H PET product for you.  The K&H Bucket Booster is designed for small dogs, so it is well suited to small dogs like Chihuahuas and Dachshunds.

The K&H Bucket Booster is manufactured from a plush quilted fleece cover material, which means that it will last for many years before it needs replacing. The K&H Bucket Booster is designed for use in small places such as cars, vans, and even RVs.

The K&H Bucket Booster seat gives your dog a comfortable, elevated place to ride, while elevating him or her for a better view out the open window. The K&H Bucket Booster is made using a front-opening system, which means that not only can it hold your dog securely in place, but it can also keep him or her upright for a longer period of time. 

K&H pet products have a reputation for being durable, comfortable, and of high quality.

Standout Features

  • Safe, and secure booster seat 
  • Keeps pet elevated for better viewing
  • Fits all vehicles snug and securely
  • Easy to install and remove
  • Comes with 2 adjustable security leashes
  • Durable exterior
  • Plush quilted inside for comfort
  • Fits in a back or front seat
  • Available in 2 sizes and 3 color combinations

#2 Fostanfly Dog Car Booster Seat

Fostanfly Dog Car Seat for Small Dogs, Upgraded Dog Booster Seat with Metal Frame, Doggy Pet Car Seat with Washable Thick Cushion Safety Leash and Storage Pockets

Are you tired of worrying about your furry friend’s safety and comfort during car trips? The Fostanfly dog car booster seat is the perfect solution for pet parents who want to give their furry companion the best possible travel experience.

Not only does this booster seat offer high-quality construction that keeps your pup safe on long trips, but it also allows them to enjoy an elevated view out the window with its collapsible internal metal frame design.

The thick fluffy cushion provides optimal support and ensures a cozy trip for your doggie pal. Imagine your pet nestling into the plush cushion, feeling safe and secure as they take in the sights and sounds of the outside world. The cushion is not only comfortable but also easy to clean, making it perfect for pets that shed or drool.

The Fostanfly dog car booster seat also features two large side pockets where you can store all their favorite toys or treats during road trips. These pockets not only keep your pet entertained, but they also make it convenient for you to bring all their essentials without cluttering up the car.

One of the best things about the Fostanfly dog car booster seat is how easy it is to install. The adjustable buckle straps fit both the front or backseat of any vehicle size, so you don’t have to worry about compatibility issues. The installation process is simple and straightforward, so you can have your pet comfortably seated and safe in no time.

Not only does the Fostanfly dog car booster seat offer safety and comfort for your furry friend, but it also adds a touch of style to your vehicle. The sleek design of the seat will complement the interior of any car, and the neutral color options make it easy to match with any car’s color scheme.

Standout Features

  • Durable belt and buckle
  • Thick cozy cushion
  • Suitable for dogs under 15 lbs.
  • Foldable design
  • Sturdy structure
  • 2 large side pockets
  • Easy and quick installation

#3 UNICITII Lookout Pet Car Booster Seat

UNICITII Dog Car Seat for Small Dogs, Elevated Dog Booster Seat Pet Travel Carrier Bed for Car with Adjustable Straps Lookout Pet Car Booster Seat for Small Dogs Cats

Are you tired of your furry friend being uncomfortable and restless during car rides? Do you want to ensure both their safety and your own peace of mind while driving? Look no further than the Dog Lookout Booster Seat! This innovative car seat is designed to elevate your pet for a better view out the window, making car rides even more fun for your furry companion.

The elevated design not only provides a better view, but also ensures your pet’s safety during the trip. The bucket-style booster seat design with built-in tether strap attached to the collar keeps pets in one place, making for a distraction-free driving experience. You’ll be able to focus on the road while your pet safely takes in the sights and sounds of the outside world.

The Dog Lookout Booster Seat is also extremely easy to clean. The removable liner is machine-washable to keep the seat fresh and clean, and the double-sided fur liner is suitable for both summer and winter, so your pet can stay comfortable all year round.

Installation and removal of the seat is quick and easy, thanks to its unique structure design that allows the seat to be folded flat. This makes it easy to store or transport, making it perfect for pet parents on the go.

The Dog Lookout Booster Seat is also designed to fit small dogs. The dimensions are 15.7 inches x 15 inches x 13.8 inches, and it can hold most small dogs. It’s important to measure your pet’s length and width and compare the measurements with the dog car seat before purchase.

Standout Features

  • Maximum Durability & Comfort
  • Double-sided fur liner
  • Quick Installation and Removal
  • Keeps pet elevated for better viewing
  • Very comfortable
  • Has storage pockets
  • Machine washable

#4 FEANDREA Dog Car Booster Seat

Feandrea Dog Car Seat, Pet Booster Seat for Small Dogs up to 18 lb, with Adjustable Straps, Removable Washable Fleece Liner, 4 Pockets, for Front Seats, Back Seats, Black and Beige UPBS042B01

The FEANDREA Dog Car Seat is the perfect way to safely and securely take your pup on a car ride. This pet booster seat for small dogs up to 18 lbs is easy to assemble with adjustable straps, a removable washable fleece liner, and four pockets for front seats or back seats. One strap fits around the headrest of the car seat and one strap fits around the seat back for extra stability.

The adjustable tether holds your dog in place so that you can keep your eyes on the road. An adjustable strap ensures that your pup will have an ideal view of their surroundings while also staying safe as they enjoy the journey.

The strong structure is supported by a steel ring and sturdy boards on each side and bottom, making sure that your pet will stay secure throughout the trip.

Once you’ve reached your destination, cleaning and storage are hassle-free. Removing the liner allows you to easily clean it after each use, while its foldable design makes storing it away simple too!

After folding flat, it takes up no space at all in your home—ready to be taken out again when needed! Ideal for pets up to 18 lb, this dog car seat guarantees both comfort and safety for your fur baby wherever you decide to go together.

Standout Features

  • Very sturdy & Comfortable
  • Better view for dog
  • Adjustable straps for headrest
  • Has storage pockets
  • Collapsible for easy storage
  • Easy and Fast Installation

#5 – CHANLAU Small Dog Booster Seat 

Small Dog Cat Booster Seat ON Car Armrest Perfect for Small Pets | Included Safety Tethers Included | Suitable for Most Car Deluxe Deluxe Interactive Pet Seat(Single Door armrest)…

The DOTOUUDis a small dog booster seat that fits on your car’s arm rest, allowing you to put your furry family member inside the vehicle easily. The product was designed so that it can quickly and securely secure your beloved furry canine on board.

One of the best features of the DOTOUUD is that it is adjustable for  situations where a regular pet seat would not be appropriate. In addition, the product comes with a removable cover to easily clean.

This innovative design not only makes transporting your pet easier, but it also provides greater protection for pets. When selecting a carrier for your dog, it is important to be sure that you select one that fits both your needs and the size and weight of your pet. 

One of the most popular places to introduce pets into the car is the front passenger area. This gives you as well as your dog better interaction, and room to move around while seated in a carrier. 

Standout Features

  • Fits most cars and trucks (armrest only)
  • High quality material
  • Very durable
  • Very secure (Hook and Loop fastening system)
  • Waterproof
  • 24 hour technical support

#6 – BLOBLO Dog Car Booster Seat 

BLOBLO Dog Car Seat Pet Booster Seat Travel Safety Dog Bed for Car with Storage Pocket

The BLOBLO Dog Car Seat is a portable dog booster seat that was developed by a well-known pet lover. The creation of this seat was to address a common problem many dog owners have their dogs often back out of their car seats during travel. The design also ensures that if your dog does happen to back out of his seat, he’ll won’t fall forward.

This seat has two D ring circles on the sides which are used to strap the seat onto your car seat belt. The buckle is then fastened around the handle. There is a nylon ring that goes around the entire arm holding it in place. The seat straps onto the entire seat with no gaps, so there is no worry about it sliding down the aisle or hitting your leg.

The patented design makes this dog booster seat extremely sturdy and durable, making it virtually indestructible. Another great thing about the BLOBLO Dog Car Seat is that it allows you to use your seat belt to hold your pet in place.

It’s not like conventional car booster seats that have a handle that you have to hold onto, allowing your dog to fall forward to be properly secured. With the BLOBLO you don’t have to worry about this problem because the seat belt quickly and easily adjusts itself to your dog’s size, holding him or her securely.

Standout Features

  • Fits most cars or trucks
  • Easy installation with adjustable buckle design
  • Easy to clean
  • Durable material resistant to biting
  • Protects your dog
  • Protects your car seats
  • Keep pets warm and comfortable

#7 –  Cozy Boost Premium Dog Booster Seat

Dog Car Seat for Small Dogs - Blue Dog Booster Seat- Washable, Adjustable, and Collapsible Pet Travel Carrier Bed- Includes Safety Seat Belt Tether for Small Dogs, Puppies, and Pets up to 18 lbs

The Cozy Boost Premium Quality Dog Booster Seat with Clip On Leash is designed to help your dog stay relaxed in any type of vehicle while safely harnessing their energy for long rides. The collapsible design of this booster seat makes it very easy to fit into most cars, especially small cars.

Even if you have an oversized car like a sports car or SUV it will easily fit in. There is also no need to worry about your dog fighting the straps to get your car to start or stop because the Cozy Boost Premium Quality Dog Booster Seat with Clip On Leash allows your pet to sit comfortably, side by side, or stand up to watch television or play with toys while you are driving.

This booster seat has been designed with both convenience and safety in mind. Whether you have small or medium dogs, you will be able to use this booster seat with a clip on leash, and it will conform to the contours of your car. This seat is also very comfortable, allowing you to not even notice that your pet is wearing a booster seat as they will sink into the soft lining of the seat with ease.

You can also take this seat with you on family vacations and other outings. This seat is lightweight which makes it easy to fold and store easily, so it is very convenient to take along on trips. This seat is also very durable, and it will withstand frequent use.  Cozy Boost will allow your pet to easily jump in and out of the car seat without a problem.

Standout Features

  • Water Resistant and Washable
  • No Assembly
  • Easy to Install
  • Comes with a silicone dish and safety clip-on leash
  • Quality Construction
  • 100% Money Back Guaranteed

#8 – Arf Pets Dog Booster Safety Seat

Arf Pets Pet Car Seat, Dog Booster Safety Seat with Adjustable Straps, Solid Foam Base, Includes Attached Tether Strap, Plush, Washable Lining

The ARF Pets dog booster seat was designed by a leading veterinarian and has been in use for several years. This is the most advanced design of a dog booster seat available. 

If you have a four legged pet that needs extra support, this can be the perfect booster seat for him or her. You will have peace of mind knowing that you are able to take your pet wherever you go.

All you have to do is harness your pet to the seat and strap it to your pet’s seat belt. Then you can simply put your pet into the car and drive away as you enjoy your journey.This special booster seat was made with the most advanced safety design in mind.

The padding conforms to your dog’s shape and is padded well. It also has an elasticated waist strap so that it will be comfortable for your dog to wear. When you harness your pet, he will not have any worries about it slipping off when you put it on.

It will fit snugly around your dog’s waist, making it extremely secure. You will also be able to adjust its height depending on how big your dog is.  The ARF pets dog booster seat is made using the toughest and best materials there are.

It uses a high quality a will give your pet many benefits when it is on it. It will stay durable and strong for a long period of time. It can even withstand frequent washings which is very important especially if you own several pets.

The materials used on the ARF booster seat will also keep it from being chewed. The materials are also washable, making it easy for you to clean up after each use.

Standout Features

  • Maximum Durability & Comfort
  • Plush reversible lining
  • Better view for dog
  • Very comfortable
  • Has storage pockets
  • Easy and Fast Installation

Frequently Asked Questions

Are dog car booster seats safe?

Dog car booster seats are designed to be secure and comfortable for your pup while they ride in the car. They are secure because they come with a built-in harness that can attach directly to their collar or harness to help keep them in place while traveling.

The seat itself is also designed with sturdy sides and bottom, making it difficult for pets to jump out. Additionally, most dog car booster seats come with safety straps that fit around the back of the vehicle’s seatbelt system—creating an extra layer of security for your pet should you have to brake suddenly.

All in all, nothing is perfect, but if used correctly, dog car booster seats can be a safer way to transport your companion on long trips as well as short jaunts!

What is the safest way for a small dog to travel in a car?

When traveling in a car with your small dog, the most important factor to consider is safety. To keep your pup safe, it’s best to use a pet carrier or crate that has been properly secured in the car using a seat belt or other secure means. Make sure to select a crate that is lightweight and easy to move around if needed.

It should also be constructed from sturdy materials that provide adequate support for your pooch during long trips and unexpected bumps along the road.

You’ll also want to make sure your pet can comfortably turn around and stand up inside the crate or carrier before you hit the road. And don’t forget to allow for plenty of fresh air flow into the vehicle by keeping one or two windows slightly open when driving!

Do small dogs need car seats?

When it comes to taking small dogs on the road, car safety should be a top priority. It is important to invest in a car seat for your pup, especially if they are under 20 pounds. Car seats provide better support and protection from vehicle movements and potential collisions than letting your dog roam free in the car or relying on their harness alone.

The use of a car seat also helps keep your pup secure when making turns, braking or accelerating quickly. Having a secure spot for them also reduces their chances of being injured by you and other passengers due to sudden stops.

Additionally, these car seats often have tethers that attach to the dog’s collar or harness that prevents them from jumping out an open window or door while in motion. Keeping your pet safe while driving should be at the top of your list, no matter what size they may be!

What type of dog car seat is best?

When considering what type of dog car seat is best, the K&H PET PRODUCTS Bucket Booster Seat should be top of your list. This car seat comes with both a bolster cushion for extra comfort and support, as well as a tether that attaches to your pet’s harness for added safety.

It also features two adjustable straps with buckles, so you can easily secure it to any headrest in your vehicle. The material used is also soft and breathable, which further enhances the comfort factor for your pup during long drives.

Additionally, this dog car seat has enough space for small pets up to around 18 pounds, allowing them to see out the window while they ride along comfortably. All in all, this product continues to be my go-to option when choosing the right car seat for my pet!

What is the best way to travel with a small dog?

Traveling with a small dog can be a fun, safe, and enjoyable experience. The best way to ensure your pup is secure as you travel is to get them settled into a kennel or crate. This will keep them from distracting you as you navigate and drive. However, if you would like to keep an eye on your furry friend during the journey, there are a few other options available.

Purchasing a harness that clips directly into your vehicle’s seatbelt system or getting a car booster seat designed specifically for small dogs can make sure they stay safe while allowing you to check in on them more often.

What is the safest place for a dog in a car?

When it comes to traveling with your pup in the car, safety should always be the top priority. The back seat is the safest place for your dog since it has crumple zones. These are designed to absorb the impact of a serious accident and protect passengers from being crushed.

Keeping your pet restrained in the back seat will help them stay secure and provide extra protection if you find yourself in an unfortunate situation. In addition to this, never leave them unattended or allow them to roam freely around the vehicle, as this can create hazardous driving conditions.

For optimal safety, invest in a pet harness that attaches directly to a belt or seatbelt and keep windows slightly open to ensure proper ventilation. Taking these precautions will make sure your furry friend is safe when traveling by car!

How do dog booster seats work?

Dog booster seats are designed to keep your pet safe and comfortable while travelling in a car. Most dog booster seats use straps that attach the seat base to your car’s seatbelt system, or to the seat and center console.

A chest harness is also included, which prevents your pup from roaming around during the journey, as well as offering additional protection in case of an accident.

In such a situation, it acts like a child restraint by distributing their weight upon impact and restraining them within the seat. This ensures they remain safe and secure throughout your journey.

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