18 Small Dog Breeds that are Red (With Photos, ID & Info)

There are many small dog breeds that come in a variety of colors. From cream to brown, and black to red, there is something for everyone. This article will explore 18 small dog breeds that are red with photos, identification and information about each breed’s history.

18 Small Dog Breeds That Are Red

Australian Kelpie

Australian Kelpie

It has been said that Australian Kelpie are more of an Australian Shepherd dog with the added characteristics of being smaller. They are usually bred for their smaller size and temperament. Their coats are typically reddish brown or black in color, though they also have the normal white color to them.

The Australian Kelpie is also known for its sweet nature and can often be used as a guide dog or even a watch dog. Because of their great nature, these dogs are quite popular with owners and people who like the look of a small dog and a friendly demeanor.

When the Australian Kelpie dog’s breed was started, they wanted to create a very gentle and friendly dog for the public to use, as well as a dog that would also protect them.

Their dogs have a number of good qualities, including being gentle and loving, a great watch dog, and being very obedient. Their training and socialization are also good, as long as you have someone who is responsible enough to train them.

The most important thing about them though is that they are very protective of their owner and not one to bark unless it is really necessary. Although they can be a bit stubborn, if you want an aggressive and dominant dog, these dogs might be for you.

However, if you want a friendly dog that will obey your commands, then these are definitely for you. The Australian Kelpie is among one of the many breeds of dogs that are bred today for their great intelligence.

They are known to be very smart, which makes them great for a watchdog or a guide dog, as they will always know where they are at all times, and know what is going on in the world around them.

These dogs love being around people and can be great with kids. However, because they have this kind of personality, these dogs can also be a little temperamental.

They need to be around other dogs, and also need to have a lot of time alone, so if you do have this kind of dog, then you will need to take care of him or her because they will easily get bored.

Australian Cattle Dog

Australian Cattle Dog

The Australian Cattle Dogs has a very different look from the regular dog breeds. Their coats are long and silky with a thick undercoat, a mane of coarse hair, long ears, and short tails. Their head is square and long, and their bodies are muscular.

They have very strong legs with strong hooves. The Australian Cattle Dog is very good for protecting sheep and cattle because it has a very big heart, can adapt to any kind of weather condition, and can protect its family even at night. You can adopt an Australian Cattle Dog as a pet.

This type of dog needs a lot of care and attention so that you can protect it from the vagaries of the weather, from predators and other farm animals. It requires regular training, lots of space to move around and be away from predators such as foxes, etc.

You also need to consider the breed history of your dog. It is important to understand the breed history of the Australian Cattle Dog to know the things that your dog should not do. The red coats of the Australian Cattle Dogs come in various colors.

French Mastiff

French Mastiff

The French Mastiff dogs are known to be the best and most beautiful dogs that there is, and they have this quality due to their magnificent appearance and wonderful temperament. They are well known as the “French bulldog” due to the fact that they resemble a bulldog in appearance. Most of these dogs are a bit on the large size, but they are generally very gentle with children and other pets.

The red coat on the French Mastiff dogs comes in many colors such as white, black, liver, chocolate, and red. Although they can be found in all different colors, the black and chocolate coats are the most popular.

These particular colors will make these dogs stand out among the crowd, and they will also give them the unique look that people love. Red coats are also popular for these dogs, and will be found on a lot of them in the United States, but the majority of them will have black, white, or liver-colored fur.

Although this dog may appear to be aggressive, it is actually considered to be quite friendly and loving. These dogs are very playful, and they are not always the calmest of the dogs.

They can get really excited, especially when people come to see them, and they can show off their aggressiveness. Because of their behavior, they are also sometimes used for fighting. This dog does not tend to be very stubborn and because of their personality they do not need much training.

Brittany Spaniel

Brittany Spaniel

A lot of people are not aware that the Brittany Spaniel dogs have such a beautiful coat, which gives it its unique look. The red color of the coat has been used as an identifying mark on this breed and on those that have inherited their coat from the same breed.

They are also known to be very friendly, loving and caring with children and can be trained easily if they want to be. It is important that this breed is given lots of love as it takes quite a long time for them to mature, and they do need plenty of attention and care when they are young. 

The Brittany spaniel has been bred in many countries and some of the most prominent ones are United States, England, Germany, Canada, Italy, France, and Russia. Some of these have brown fur, while others have other colors. The color of the red fur will vary according to the color of the dog.

In fact, there are some that have darker coats while there are some that are lighter. This is one of the reasons why the dog needs to be properly taken care of so that it will grow up healthy and strong and will remain with the owners for many years to come. The breed is known to be very affectionate and faithful towards its family, and they are very intelligent, which makes them easy to train as, well.

Norfolk Terrier

Norfolk Terrier

Norfolk Terrier dogs are red haired dogs that are not commonly sold in the United States, as most of them are bred in Germany and other countries. Red haired Norfolk Terrier dogs have a unique coat that is usually red with black and white stripes and other markings on the dog.

The dogs that have been bred in Germany and other European countries usually have a very beautiful coat that is very long, dense. These dogs have a long life and do very well in homes.

Norfolk Terrier dogs with red haired coats are some of the most beautiful dogs to be seen, and this is one of the reasons why they are so popular. They have a very appealing appearance that makes them extremely cute, and these dogs also make very good companions for the owner.

Most of the time when you see a Norfolk Terrier dog that has been bred with red hair, it will be very beautiful and the dog is going to look very intelligent and friendly. These dogs are very loyal to their owners and will do very well in any type of environment they are placed in.

Irish Terrier

Irish Terrier

The Irish Terrier dog is an amazing breed that was first bred in Ireland to be a fighting dog. In the Middle Ages, the Irish Terrier was the top fighting dog as well as the top guard dog. The dog was used as a watchdog for the nobility and was very loyal, protective, and loyal. These dogs were also used by the British Army to guard soldiers in the battlefields.

In the 1800s, they were also used as a hunting dog for the wealthy. Now you can find these dogs working with police forces or serving as service dogs for disabled individuals. They are extremely loyal, affectionate, and will give love and care to every one of their people, no matter what the condition or the person’s situation may be.

These dogs are very intelligent, eager to please, and are very obedient when trained properly. Most are excellent at picking up new commands such as sit, stay and heel, but they can get easily frustrated when training is not happening fast enough.

They also tend to bark a lot when left alone, so it is best if they are not kept in a large area of your house, especially at night. They are not as alert as some other terriers, so they are not as alert when a stranger comes into the home. The Irish Terrier dogs can be very hard to train.

These dogs love being around people, but they tend to become very bored if you do not spend time with them all the time. If you take care of them the right way, they will have many happy years ahead of them. They are very smart, devoted, and loving and do deserve a good home.



Although not as common, Dachshund dogs are still quite popular today, as this dog breed is very cute and can make even the most reserved person look silly with its funny little face.

This breed of dog is considered to be very smart in many ways, as it can easily learn new things in a short amount of time. This is what makes the breed so adorable to watch, as it is easy to get caught up in watching these dogs.

Dachshund dogs come in a variety of colors, which can range from a white coat that makes these dogs look like a chocolate lab to a black and tan color.

There are also several colors that have red accents on them. In most cases, this dog breed is used to show off their red coats, but there are some that are actually orange colored.



Poodle dogs are quite colorful and have red coats. They were originally bred to be used for hunting small game but over time, their unique color and markings have made them popular as family dogs.

The Poodle dog is a medium-sized dog that has a long and slender body with short legs. Its thick and muscular coat is its distinguishing characteristic. It has long, dense coats which have red tips on them.

The Poodle is an attractive and charming dog and is known for its loyalty, intelligence, and love of children. It is often confused with the Shit Tzu and the Shih Tzu. They are very similar in looks and temperament. They both have round faces, big ears, small pointed noses, and black hair on their back.

They have a white chest, a white belly, and black paws. Their coats are quite thick and heavy. There are several different kinds of Poodle available such as the Standard, American Shorthair, Miniature, and the British Shorthair.

If you are looking to own a beautiful and lovable dog, consider getting a Poodle dog. You will find that these dogs are extremely intelligent and loyal, and are also highly energetic.

These dogs make excellent watchdogs and will make a wonderful pet if properly trained. You can find Poodle breeders who are willing to spend a large amount of money to help you train your dog. A Poodle dog is truly one of a kind and a joy to own.

Irish Setter

Irish Setter

Irish Setters have red coats with white feet. They are a very intelligent breed of dog and the best thing about this breed is that they are not aggressive, and they have no bad habits. They are easy to train them properly, you must be patient and consistent. 

Irish Setter has great intelligence and love to please. When trained properly, they will respond well to commands and will perform at their best for you. As they grow older, they may develop some bad habits, and you may find your dog chewing on things or barking constantly.

These are a sign of poor training. You need to correct these bad habits as soon as possible before they become too big of a problem. If you want your dog to be as obedient and happy as possible, then you must work on your dog obedience training every day.

Irish Setters are a loving breed of dog and do well in families where there are children around. They love to please their owners, so if you want a good dog that you can spend hours playing with and loving, then you should get an Irish Setter.

Their natural instinct is to protect their family, and it does not take much to keep an Irish Setter that is good with kids. The only time you should think about getting an adult dog for a family with kids is if the children are older and in high school.

If you want an animal that will take over your entire house because they have all the energy of a teenager, then you should think twice about getting an Irish Setter.

These dogs are really intelligent, so they do not do well in smaller places, but they also need to be kept in one place to prevent them from going out of control. So, before getting one, just make sure that you know exactly what you want and then keep an eye on them.



Pomeranian dogs have red coats. The main reason for this is that the Pomeranian’s fur contains several types of pigment, including iron oxide, which have redder shades than other types of fur. Since this red shade has been associated with the scent glands of the Pomeranian.

The Pomeranian’s red coat is usually not very noticeable. While there are some who find this puffy red coat to be unappealing, there are others who prefer its color.

This is because the Pomeranian’s color is generally quite similar to its hair color, which makes it easy to hide. As a result, it is quite easy to spot one and is not something that you might not like seeing around you. The most common coloration among all the Pomeranian is black.

In the eyes of many people, Pomeranian dogs are often perceived as cute and cuddly due to their appearance and their friendly behavior. 

Cocker Spaniel

Cocker Spaniel

The Cocker Spaniel has red coats that are quite unique among the dog breeds. They are one of the most popular colors for this breed.

The color of this Cocker Spaniel is also referred to as the cinnamon coat, and it is actually a mix of black and chocolate. When your dog has red-colored coats, the color of the coat is what is commonly called the cinnamon or red coat.

The Cocker Spaniel’s color can change from time to time and will depend on the health of the dog. Some dogs will change their color due to a bad diet.

They will change color because of exposure to heat, cold, and certain types of chemicals. Other times, the color of the coat may go from black to dark gray. A red coat may be caused by exposure to the sun’s ultraviolet rays.

There are many breeds of Cocker Spaniel which you can choose from when you are looking for a Cocker Spaniel. There are many things to consider when you are searching for this breed of dog.

You need to determine if the dog is going to fit in with your lifestyle or if you are just going to get a puppy. Once you have decided on the type of dog that you want to have, you can begin your search for this breed of dog.

Miniature Pinscher

Miniature Pinscher

The Miniature Pinscher is a breed of dog, which is well-liked by those who have been looking for a well-mannered and mild-mannered dog. This breed of dog has very red coats, which are in fact lighter than the dog’s body color.

The Pinscher has a beautiful appearance, which is the perfect combination of a cuddly and playful dog as well as a strong personality. This breed of dog can become a part of any household, even if they are not the smallest dog breed in the world.

The Miniature Pinscher was first developed in Germany in the 1920s, and they were bred for their friendly temperament, good intelligence, and also for their coloration and beauty. 

If you are interested in adopting a Miniature Pinscher, then you can contact a breeder or a pet store. Pinschers are usually a very friendly dog, and so they need to be adopted from people who already know how to take care of a dog.



The Vizsla dog is one of the most popular red coat  dog breeds in the United States and across the world. However, the Vizsla dog breed has a long history of being known as one of the most beautiful dogs in the world.

As far back as 500 B.C., the Ancient Greeks and the Romans used the Vizsla as their most prized pets and considered them to be some of the most beautiful dogs in the world.

When it comes to keeping your dog healthy, you have to make sure that he gets plenty of water and that he eats well. If he is constantly hungry and thirsty, then this could lead to many diseases.

Make sure that you take your dog for walks on a regular basis so that he gets the proper amount of exercise and the proper vitamins and minerals.

You also want to make sure that your Vizsla dog has enough exercise time each day. If you do this, you’ll find that your dog will be happier and healthier, and he’ll look a lot better as well.

Golden Retriever

Golden Retriever

Golden Retrievers is often confused with a different breed of dog, the Labrador Retriever. The two dogs do look alike, and in fact, they both have a brown and white coat that is well maintained. This is why the American Kennel Club classifies them as a purebred dog.

However, a Labrador Retriever’s coat can be long, silky, or just short, making them look much like a long-haired Golden Retriever. They are also a very good companion, being quite intelligent and devoted to their family.

The genetic makeup of a Golden Retriever means that they do not have any red markings on their coat. Instead, they are covered with an almost white tabby coat that can sometimes become matted if they become accustomed to excessive bathing.

It is also possible that you may spot of a reddish color in your pet’s fur if they are used to getting wet a lot more than usual. There are actually three colors of Golden Retriever that exist: the color that is usually seen when the dog is young, the adult red color, and the chocolate or cream color. The color that is most often found in a golden retriever is the chocolate or cream color. This color is one of the most common of all.

Rhodesian Ridgeback

Rhodesian Ridgeback

The Rhodesian ridgeback dog is a long haired breed was originally from Australia, but were later introduced to South Africa and Rhodesia in the early 1900s. The breed has some common characteristics with other types of dogs, which includes their short coat and the thick and reddish color.

They have a white chest and neck and a black underbelly and rump. Their eyes are black, and they are very active and playful animals. They don’t do well in an outdoor setting.

The Rhodesian Ridgeback dog has red coats with black markings on their legs and backs. Some of these markings may be more prominent during their breeding years. There are different varieties of these dogs. The common type is the one that is very active, but is usually very protective of its owner.

They do make great watchdogs, and love to follow strangers. They do not like it when you take them out on a walk because it feels as though they are being watched. However, the ones that are more reserved may be good with children, and will always remain calm and courteous around them.

The Rhodesian Ridgeback dog is known for being extremely loyal and devoted to its owner. They can be aggressive and jealous if a member of the family is more dominant than they are. The dogs are very strong and capable of running very long distances without being tired.

They are intelligent animals and can learn a variety of commands. They are not as active as many other breeds of dog and so may not want to walk for a long time, especially if they have an outdoor playmate. Furthermore, they do love to play fetch, and can make great family pets.

Novascotia Duck Tolling Retriever

Novascotia Duck Tolling Retriever

If you are looking for a dog to spend a lot of time with and to learn tricks such as how to sit, or heel, then the Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever would be a good choice. The breed of dog that was originally bred in Nova Scotia is also known as the Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Weasel.

This dog is a very loyal dog and should be treated with love and consideration. They are also very energetic and will often have to use their energy in order to keep up with their owner.

The dog has a red coat, which makes them distinctive from other breeds. They are very good with children and can make good companions if they are raised well. Their intelligence is high, and they make very good watchdogs as well as protectors.

Their intelligence helps them with learning new things such as trick training. The dog should be trained to stop barking when it is necessary. The Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever also needs to be socialized so that they will not growl at other dogs or people if they are not trained. They also need to be trained to stop biting other dogs.

Korean Jindo

Korean Jindo

A small breed, the Korean Jindo dog is often characterized by a reddish color to their hair. This red coloration is usually found in the area of the face and is also found on their underside.

The breed does well in areas with a great deal of sunshine, as it enjoys the sun. They do not do well in areas that have a lot of snow, as their coats tend to become brittle after a period of time and need to be brushed frequently.

The Korean Jindo Dogs has very long and dense coats, so they are not the easiest of breeds to groom. They also shed quite frequently and need to be brushed and conditioned thoroughly. You will find that the Korean Jindo dog has several health conditions that can affect them and cause health problems.

They can suffer from allergies that cause skin problems, fleas, ear mites, and even skin tumors and infections. Because of these health conditions, the Korean Jindo dog needs to be checked regularly and treated when discovered. When you have a Korean Jindo dog, be sure to take good care of it.

Pembroke Welsh Corgis

Pembroke Welsh Corgis

Many Pembroke Welsh Corgis is red coat and  has a white chest and black markings. This breed is thought to be related to the Black and Tan Corgi, but the breed name is derived from the Welsh words “pem” which means “pink”cui” which means “a little”. The color that this breed has been similar to a lot of the breeds of cuddled cuddly puppies that people have seen in the pet stores.

Pembroke Welsh Corgis were first bred to be used as sled dogs, and then they were also bred for their endurance, their gentle temperament, and their good intelligence. Because of their temperament and their great intelligence, they have become a very popular pet for people that want a cuddly toy dog.

They are a loving, sweet, lovable dog that does not have a mean bone in their body. They are a wonderful addition to any home, especially if you want a puppy.

There are several Pembroke Welsh Corgi varieties. All have their own unique personality. Some are considered to be more energetic than others, some are more stubborn than others, and some are more laid back than others.

Most Pembroke Welsh Corgis will tolerate other types of pets like cats and dogs and will usually get along with them as long as they are not too aggressive toward them. However, some Corgis do not get along well with other breeds.

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