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How To Stop My Dog From Jumping On People? (Detailed)

One of the most common questions dog owners ask is, “How do I stop my dog from jumping on people?” This is an understandable concern considering that dogs have a lot of energy, but they are often not trained properly or think it’s their place to assert their dominance. There are some easy steps you can take to prevent your dog from jumping up on guests.

Set boundaries for your dog inside and out

1) Make sure you and your guests understand that it is a bad idea for him to jump up on them. Letting your own dog know about boundaries inside and out goes a long way in stopping unwanted behavior. If he gets up on a person when they first enter, quickly but calmly push him down and redirect him to a dog treat or toy. After a few repetitions with no jumping allowed, your dog will learn the new rule.

Don’t stare at your dog while guests are over.

2) Don’t stare at your dog while guests are over. This is common sense, but often times owners forget and wonder why their dogs jump up at them because they feel stared at. If you’re paying attention to your guests, your dog will not have the opportunity to make you trip up and turn his attention to something more appropriate like play or food instead of the new people who may be threatening by staring them down.

Give your Dog opportunities to interact with people.

3) Make sure your dog has ample opportunities to interact with people. If he is not around other dogs or new people regularly, he may be more likely to get overly excited and jump up when they come over. This will seem like a fun game for him at first, but as you tell him no and push him down, he will quickly learn that it is not allowed behavior.

Consider a training class

4) Consider a training class if dealing with a particularly energetic dog who jumps up on random people. When you take your dog to classes, it’s always a good idea to introduce training early on because the trainer knows what to look out for and can help you get started right away.

Dog training classes are also a good idea because you will meet other people who are trying to deal with the same problem as you. You may even strike up friendships and realize that you can help each other out with difficult training issues. When your dog is around other dogs he will learn how to act in appropriate ways that make everyone happy.

Make sure the people who visit don’t encourage bad behavior.

5) Make sure the people who visit don’t encourage bad behavior by giving in to it or acting like they don’t mind. There are some dogs who know that jumping up on people are allowed, so they continue jumping up and do not get the understanding that it is not appropriate behavior from their owners.

How can I calm An Overly excitable dog?

Dogs are excitable animals, sometimes too much so. When it becomes a problem, it is best to find ways to calm them down. Here are 5 helpful tips for calming your dog:
1) Exercise regularly.
2) Practice training techniques like “watch me” and “stay” in low-distraction environments.
3) Reward with food treats after good behavior.
4) Increase distance between you and the stimulus before giving any commands.
5) Consistently enforce your commands.
6) Use calming signals.
7) Reward calm behavior with praise and attention.

Frequently Asked Questions

At what age do dogs settle down?

Dogs can be unpredictable at any age, and each individual dog has its own personality and preferences. The average age that dogs settle down is around two years old, but some can take up to four years.

What are signs of anxiety in dogs?

Anxiety in dogs is typically characterized by certain physical and behavioral signs. These include panting, pacing, shaking, drooling, whining or barking excessively, refusing to eat or drink water, seeking constant reassurance from their owners (including following them around), sleeping more than usual or excessive vocalization at night.

What is the calmest dog breed?

Calm small dog breeds are a lot of people’s preference when it comes to choosing the perfect pet. The top five calmest small dog breeds in order from most to least include: the Maltese, Basset Hound, Bichon Frisé, Poodle and Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. These dogs have a variety of traits that make them suitable for an indoor environment.

What is the most hyper dog?

Small dogs are some of the most hyper and fun-loving.  The top 6 most hyper small dog breeds include: Pomeranian, Pug, Chihuahua, Boston Terrier, Jack Russell, and French Bulldog.

How do I entertain my high energy dog?

-Get them out on walks!
-Find something they like to do and make it more challenging, making them work for their reward.
-Play games with them like fetch or tug of war.
-Make up games on the spot by throwing toys around the room and letting them chase after it before retrieving it.
-Hide treats in different rooms, so they have to find them.


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