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Small Dog Breeds That Have the Longest Lifespan (Solved)

Small dogs with long lifespans have become a hot commodity in recent years. There are many reasons for this, but the most popular is that many people want to have dogs of a certain breed, and usually small dogs with long lives make that possible.

These animals can live up to 20 years if they are well cared for, fed right, and exercised. The dogs we see today that are extremely long-lived are generally purebreds or puppies that were bred specifically to have a long life.

Chihuahua (12 – 20 years lifespan)


Many people want to know do Chihuahuas live long lives, because they are such a small dog. It is true that they do live quite a bit longer than most dogs. 

These small dogs can be wonderful companions and are loyal toward their owners. They are very quick, alert, and energetic dogs that respond well to training. When properly socialized with other dogs, Chihuahuas make good watchdogs. These dogs tend to get over excited easily and this can lead to inappropriate barking or chewing.

The Chihuahuas are very loyal to the family, but they do have a tendency to be possessive and jealous of other dog breeds. They can also be aggressive towards other dogs that are smaller. These dogs do well in families with responsible owners who provide ample exercise and love them.

Yorkshire Terrier (13 – 16 years)

Yorkshire Terrier

The Yorkshire Terrier is actually one of the smallest breed of dog kind and probably of any dog kind. It was originally bred in Yorkshire, England during the late 19th century. The average height of this breed is seven pounds, ideally.

They have an oval-shaped head, a pointed muzzle, and a short and slightly stocky body. Their coats can be long or short, depending on the breed. They are said to be relatively friendly, as long as you do not abuse them.

The Yorkshire terrier dog, according to the British Kennel Club is of small size with a firm, sturdy and lively temperament. A good and healthy diet and exercise help to keep the Yorkie fit, healthy and happy. Other than the standard bone structure of the Yorkie, no major health problems have ever been recorded with the breeding of this small sized dog.

Jack Russell Terrier (13 – 16 years)

Jack Russell Terrier

The Jack Russell Terrier is an excellent small dog that got its roots in early fox hunting in Scotland. It is primarily white-colored and usually smooth or wrinkled, quite tough and flat-coated. The Jack Russell is one of the most athletic dogs in the world.

Jack Russell Terriers are loyal and very friendly, but this is far from the truth. They can be very hostile when they are threatened, or they do not know who is boss. These are small dogs that need to be trained very carefully. They have a very high energy level and if neglected, they will get bored and destructive.

Jack Russell puppy training should start when they are still puppies. This is the time when their instincts are still very strong, and they can be easily trained. When training your Jack Russell puppy, never use harsh training techniques. Instead, use soft, loving and consistent methods to train them.

Boston Terrier (13 -15 years)

boston terrier

The Boston Terrier is an extremely popular breed of dog originating from the USA. The Boston Terrier has developed a reputation over the years as being a very patient, docile, and easy to train companion.

When identifying this particular breed from its genetic marker, the most significant factor is the variation of color in male Boston Terriers compared to the female counterparts. The eyes of the Boston Terrier are dark with almond-shaped pupils, and they tend to have wrinkled faces.

The head of the Boston Terrier usually tapers down towards the muzzle making the face even thinner. This dog normally walks with a slight waggle. In general this breed is very calm and independent, making them an excellent choice for those people who want a dog that will keep them company.

Pomeranian (12 – 16 years)


Pomeranians were originally bred in Germany. They have a sweet, gentle, and amiable character. Their exquisite beauty is due to their long, mane, and tail. The popularity of these and other Pomeranian dog breeds is a testament to their intelligence, agility, beautiful coatings, and love of people.

They are wonderful companions for children and very affectionate. Many people consider Pomeranians as the most “lovable” dog around because of their gentle and sweet personality. The most important aspect of grooming a Pomeranian dog is to provide them with the necessary care and warmth that will keep them healthy and happy for many years.

A well-groomed Pomeranian must also be given the necessary exercise and socialization to ensure that they are secure and can live in a safe environment. Grooming your dog will encourage good habits, such as regular brushing and bathing. These prevent mats and tangles from forming, which can result in skin problems such as matting, dry skin, and hair loss.

Dachshund (12 – 16 years)


Dachshunds are very energetic dogs and require a lot of exercise. To keep them motivated and well-behaved, playtime, and walks are the best things to do. Playing fetch is another great activity that will keep them active.

The dog should also be house-trained, as they will naturally want to get your attention and engage in your household. They need to be socialised from an early age and should be trained accordingly. This will ensure that your pet is healthy and happy, and will lead a long and happy life.

If you decide to keep one of your dogs as a house dog it will need lots of exercise. Make sure that you take him to public dog parks where he can interact with other dogs and humans.

West Highland Terrier  (12 -16 years)

West Highland Terrier

The West Highland White Terrier, more commonly called the West Highland Terrier, is a beautiful and wonderful breed of purebred dog from Scotland with an unusual white, flat coat with a light silky undercoat.

This breed was actually imported into England by the French in the later part of the eighteenth century, where it was originally bred for hunting purposes. This breed later gained recognition as a sports breed and has become one of the world’s most popular canine pets.

The West Highland White Terrier are highly social and loving dog requires a large area of fenced space in which to live, and they tend to be rather destructive when left alone. This breed tends to bark incessantly.

Shih Tzu (10 – 16 years)

Shih Tzu

The Shih Tzu dog breed originated from China, and is now a popular pet breed. Originating as a herding dog breed, Shih Tzus is used today as companion animals, sports dogs, or household pets.  Shih Tzus was originally bred for herding in China, but they have since become prized for their friendly disposition and their distinct voice.

Since the Shih Tzu originated from China, it has been subject to many of the same breeding and health issues as other dogs with its size and thick, lanky, muscular form. Because of this, the American Kennel Club (AKC) rates the Shih Tzu as one of the more difficult breeds to maintain. Owning a Shih Tzu requires diligence to ensure that your dog is always healthy, happy, and properly groomed.

While the Shih Tzu has a somewhat undeserved reputation for being a strong, bullheaded dog, they are actually a very intelligent. They are great as watchdogs because of their keen sense of smell, intelligence, and curiosity. 

Toy Poodle (12 – 15 years)

Toy poodle

The Toy Poodle is one of the smallest breeds of dogs. They average ten inches in height at the shoulder. They have full chests with rounded shoulders. The coat of this dog is silky without any dander. This breed does not shed more than one ounce of fur out of each coat in a month.

Toy poodles are great companions to people with a very active lifestyle. They can be taken for walks or jogs with their owners as they tend to have great stamina. These dogs also make excellent watchdogs and guard dogs due to their small size and keen sense of smell.

While these dogs are known for their keen sense of smell, they also have an innate love of petting and cuddling. They need only a small amount of grooming a day, and they can be brushed quite often. The coat of the Toy Poodle is very dense, which makes brushing a breeze. The hair is very fine and silky, making it one of the easiest dog breeds to groom.

Pug (12 – 15 years)


If you are looking for a loyal and affectionate pet, the Pug dog breed is an excellent choice. Pugs were originally bred in Germany, and despite their short stocky builds, they can still hold their own in even the most extreme conditions. They are very playful and energetic, and because of their loving and devoted personalities, they make ideal pets.

However, if you are looking for a dog that has excellent muscular development and is a great social companion for your family, then the Pug may not be the best choice for you. Like most other dogs, pugs need to go through general dog care training in order to keep them obedient and friendly.

While this breed seems to have a friendly nature on the surface, behind the friendly facade is a strong-willed personality that can be difficult to manage. Although pugs do not possess excessive aggression, they can be stubborn, and you will need to train them properly if you want to get good results with your dog.

Miniature Schnauzer (12 – 15 years)

Miniature Schnauzer

The Miniature Schnauzer is a small-dog of the much-desired Schnauzer kind that originally originated in Germany at the end of the 19th century. These dogs have an adorable little look about them which makes them very endearing to people.

The Miniature Schnauzers is constantly going to give you the looks of affection,  because they are actually very loving pets.The Miniature Schnauzers has a very long and beautiful coat that is easy to maintain.

The dogs have lustrous hair, which makes the grooming process so much easier. They also have a great temperament and are intelligent, making them good companions for the elderly or those with handicapping conditions.

Pekingnese (12 – 15 years)


The Pekingese dog breed is a small breed of small toy dog, originally originating in ancient China. Although these dogs are not giant in size, they are muscular, sturdy, and highly intelligent. Pekingese dogs are extremely affectionate towards their owners, especially the children.

They can become upset if neglected or treated roughly by other people. Pekingese are very sensitive by nature and are known for being submissive to their owners. They are also highly energetic and extremely trainable. However, you need to have patience when training this dog because they are very quick learners.

These dogs respond well to positive reinforcement such as treats and praise. A well-socialized Pekingese will be calm and quiet when around other dogs, and even humans. Pekingese dogs are wonderful family pets. It is important to socialize them from an early age in order for you and your family to learn how to play together.

Pembroke Welsh Corgi (12 – 15 years)

Pembroke Welsh Corgi

The Pembroke Welsh Cocker Spaniel is an amazing breed which originated centuries ago in Wales. Pembrokes are known for their elegant looks, and lively attitudes, as well as their loyalty and good temperament. This is why Pembrokes are often seen at dog shows as the perfect choice for show champions and other top competitors.

The Pembroke Terrier was originally bred in Germany but has now become popular around the world. The name Pembroke is testament to the fact that this breed originated from Germany. They are very loyal and affectionate dogs and make great companions and friends. Pembrokes are also very attentive and eager to please, which makes them ideal for those with hectic lifestyles. However, they do require a bit of extra care to keep a good disposition.

The Pembroke Terrier is a very calm and trusting breed. This is good as far as any kind of dog is concerned. This breed needs to be socialized from an early age because it has a tendency to overreact when it comes to people. However, this dog is very loving and loyal and makes an ideal companion or pet.

French Bulldog (10 – 14 years)

french bulldog

The French Bulldog is basically a long-lived and strong breed of domestic dog, originally bred to be companion animals. The exact breed that was crossed to create the French Bulldog has been the subject of much argument, since many people believe they were actually introduced into the world by the French.

It should be noted that there is a significant difference between the French Bulldog and a Pit Bull, despite the similarities in appearance and personality. In general, Pit Bulls is extremely dominant dogs, while French Bulldogs tend to have more friendly attitudes toward people.

This may be due to the mixed heritage of the French and the British owners of the breed, or it could just be that these dogs simply have good dispositions overall. Regardless, both breeds share the ability to do everything well within the confines of a well-mannered household environment.


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