Why Do Poodles Lick Their Paws? (Solved & Explained)

The answer to this question is one that has been debated for centuries. Some people have been convinced that this behavior can only be learned by experience, while others have theorized that the act of licking their paws actually encourages their owners to keep their paws clean and neat and to also ensure that there is a proper balance between the paws and the tongue.

In fact, these animals lick their paw pads due to the fact that this is one way that they can groom themselves in order to reduce the itching sensation that they get from their paws when they are active. This is not really an issue in dogs that are already housebroken as they will not usually need to use their paws unless it is a natural reaction to having to scratch.

Improper Nail Trimming

Dogs also lick their paws in order to provide them with protection from any possible harmful effects that might be caused by their nails. It has been proven that their nails are the first things that dogs start to dislike about them, and when they notice that their nails are not cut properly, they often start to scratch themselves. It is essential to give your dog good care when it comes to his nails, especially if he does not get regular and proper nail trimming.


If you ask any experts on canine behavior and psychology, then they will tell you that different breeds of dogs learn to lick their paw pads for different reasons. Some people believe that this behavior is related to a particular breed type, while others believe that this behavior is very important to the poodles, as it helps them to maintain their unique nature. These differences may be attributed to the poodle’s unique coat of hair, the fact that they are naturally friendly and loving animals or even a combination of all these factors.

Pain or Discomfort

Some poodles may also lick their paws because they are embarrassed about having them trimmed too short or long. Others may also lick their paws in order to relieve any stress that they are feeling in their paw pads, such as pain or discomfort. A lot of people believe that poodles that suffer from arthritis may lick their paws in order to reduce the inflammation in the affected areas and to ease the pain they feel from the condition.

Grooming Themselves

While it is believed that poodles lick their paws simply to improve their grooming ability, some experts believe that the act is actually related to the fact that poodles are very sensitive to their surroundings, so that they can use them as a way of getting rid of unwanted smells. And to make themselves more comfortable and familiar to their owners.

Feeling Rejected

Many people have also said that the reason that poodles lick their paws is that they are afraid of being rejected. As mentioned earlier, they are naturally very friendly and loving animals and will feel uncomfortable if they are not treated well and if they feel that they are not important to their owners.


One of the main reasons for why you would want to know how to stop poodles licking their paws is if they have been exhibiting some odd behavior lately. The poodle is a breed of dog and as such have many traits that are common to other breeds and that may cause them to lick their paws or even lick their faces when they are not supposed to.

To be able to know what causes poodles to lick their paws, you need to know why they do this. A lot of times when dogs lick their paws, it is because they are excited and are feeling very much like the moment. For instance, you might notice a dog licking its paws when they feel the heat coming on from the pavement.


It is also possible that poodles lick their paws when they are bored. When dogs are bored, their mind often gets tired and they may start to lose focus. This is also a very normal thing to see in dogs.


Sometimes when poodles lick their paws, it could be because they have injured themselves. They could have an accident that caused them to have some type of skin infection. These types of skin infections can sometimes be fatal, but it is very uncommon to have a dog suffer from one of these injuries.

As mentioned earlier, poodles are a breed of dogs and as such have many traits, and this includes being very sensitive to things that are unfamiliar to them. If you notice a dog licking its paws constantly, then you may want to take him or her to the vet.

The good news about this particular condition is that it is not contagious or even life-threatening. Although it is annoying for humans to see a dog licking its paws, it is nothing that can’t be cured with some time and patience. Your poodle will actually enjoy having a bath and it may even end up begging you to make it go inside the bathtub!

In order to stop poodles from licking their paws, you first want to make sure they know that their behavior is unacceptable. Once you do this, then you can begin using some of the following tips and tricks that will help to teach them to stop licking their paws.


Start by taking your poodle outside, and while he is out, gently stroke his paws. This will give your poodle the impression that you love him and that you are there to take care of him. You can even tell him to sit on your lap if you are comfortable with him. By doing this, you will train him to have a certain behavior and when you reward him, then you can begin to use some of the tips and tricks that will allow him to learn how to stop poodles licking their paws.

If you notice that your poodle is licking his or her paws every time you pet him, then you can try to put his or her toys in a box in the corner of your home and leaving them alone. Whenever you bring your poodle into the room, use a treat, and then reward him when he or she plays with it.

Keep an eye on him or her, and when you notice that he or she is licking his or her paws, then put away the toys and bring him back outside and praise him or her. It will also help to start using a treat on him or her whenever she wants to lick her or his paws.

If you are at work, then try closing your pet door and keep your dog inside until you return. He or she will have more time to play and this will allow him or her to get used to having a pet door. Since you are going to be gone for a while, then you don’t want to make your poodle think that you are ignoring him or her.

Dogs like to play with people and dogs enjoy being with people. Although they like to be left alone, they still want a human presence, and they can become lonely without you around.


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