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4 Small Dog Breeds That Start With The Letter L (Solved)

There are numerous studies that support the fact that owning a pet can make people healthier overall. Pets make great companions and help alleviate many of the symptoms of old age.

They are entertaining, good for bonding, help with anxiety management, reduce blood pressure and cholesterol levels, help children learn to be independent. Pet owners have proven time and again that owning a dog can help people live longer, happier lives.

Lakeland Terrier

Lakeland Terrier
Image by eventsfb from Pixabay

The Lakeland Terrier dog is a popular breed, which derives its name from its location of birth, the Lake District, England. While somewhat independent in nature, it tends to blend in quite well with other family members and owners, and generally is hypo-allergic. 

The personality of the Lakeland Terrier is one of a kind, with this breed displaying an almost child-like intelligence level with a very caring personality. They love to watch animals and people, especially children, and are known to be affectionate towards humans and other dogs.

Because of their loving personalities, the Lakeland Terrier makes an ideal pet and can even be trained to be a great assistance in training or other jobs. 

Lancashire Heeler

Lancashire Heeler
Image by MrGajowy3 from Pixabay

The Lancashire Heeler was originally bred to be a great herder and drover of sheep. It is very strong in its movements and very good with herding young sheep and cattle.

The Heeler has some of the finest qualities in terms of temperament and health, making it a perfect pet for families with children, those who love active sports and those with a competitive spirit.

To ensure that the life of your Heeler dog is full of happiness and energy, you should make sure that you give him regular veterinary examinations and check-ups. You can save your Heeler from certain types of diseases and ailments by doing this and by taking good care of your pet.

Lhasa Apso

Lhasa Apso
Image by Kshitij Prakash from Pixabay

It was originally bred as an internal sentinel at the Buddhist monasteries of Tibet, to warn the monks of any intruders who came inside. Lhasa Apso means ‘no hiding place’, since the breed was designed to keep its scent under control. The Lhasa Apso dog is one of the smallest breeds of the United States and stands less than ten inches at the shoulder, making this dog extremely pet friendly.

Since the breed was developed for sentinel duty, it has a very good temperament, is gentle with children, and makes a great family pet. Lhasa Apso dogs are also noted for their loyalty and willingness to protect the family.

This dog is said to be loyal to its family and to its master, and is said to be brave and self-sufficient. Lhasa Apso dogs make excellent watchdogs and have even been used in some capacities for guard duty in certain Tibetan monasteries.


Image by chili71 from Pixabay

The Lowchen is a tiny breed of dog famous for its beauty, grace, and loving personality. The overall personality of the Lowchen is calm and quite, and they do well as service and companion dogs.The Lowchen is ideal as a family pet because they get along well with children, other pets and other animals. It is very energetic and alert, and is often compared to a German Shepherd.

They are very loving, and loyal, but are also bold and brave. This breed is known to be very playful, alert, comical, and energetic. They are also very protective of their owners and will bark at intruders if they feel threatened.

Only a fun companion to have around, but will be happy and healthy throughout its life, a lowchen dog breed may be just the right one for you. They are great pets, gentle with children and will make an excellent addition to your family.