8 Smartest Small Dog Breeds That Are Easy To train

Smart dog breeds are loved by many pet owners because they are excellent companions to play with children and can do a large number of tricks. More importantly, smart canines are often easier to train and absorb less time for training than other breeds.

Most often, smart dog breed owners consider their dog to be a super genius. The truth is, smart canines need lots of love, attention and exercise. It takes commitment from the owner to make sure their pet is healthy, happy and well-trained.

# 1 Poodles

A brown toy poodle.
Image by Afif Kusuma from Pixabay

The Poodles are the most versatile dog breeds there are and they do appear to have quite an attitude too. They are very athletic dogs, especially when compared to other working dog breeds. They can be trained to do almost anything, including sit, stay, come, and heel. Not only that, but they are very friendly dogs and are excellent companions to the elderly.

The Poodles are also intelligent. They love to learn and are usually very friendly dogs. They like to be the center of attention. Their intelligence is what makes them so versatile and can help you out with your dog training.

The Poodles are among the smartest breeds available.

The intelligence of the Poodles is what gives them the ability to excel in many areas. Poodles tend to be a bit stubborn by nature so there are going to be times when you have to take them aside and give them some time to slow down. Sometimes this is as easy as making them think twice about going down the hallway or opening a door.

Poodles are also highly intelligent and eager to learn. They are very willing to listen to a new training method and will continue to learn and expand their knowledge no matter what it takes. The fact that they are highly intelligent means that their owner has a lot more freedom in training the dog than a dog who may not be that intelligent.

It is a known fact that the Poodles are among the smartest dogs there are. When compared to a large dog breed, they can get by quite well in many aspects. They are very adaptable to most environments and do very well in daycare centers, where the need to be a bit more playful. The Poodle is one of those dog breeds that can adjust with many people and do just about anything without any problems.

When it comes to dog intelligence, the Poodle has it. The average Poodle has over three IQ points, which is more than any dog breed. Since the Poodles are so smart dogs, their intelligence is also what makes them such a loving pet. Many people consider these dogs to be the best family dogs there are because they are very caring and will reward you with love and attention. They are the perfect companions for an elderly person or someone with special needs.

The biggest thing that separates the Poodles from other dog breeds is that they do not mind playing hard. They will jump on a stick or do a barrel roll to get attention. Their desire to please their owners is what helps them perform at a high level.

Although Poodles can excel in all areas of dog training, they will still need some special attention. This means that they need to be taught to be obedient to their owners. Training the Poodle to use a leash, obey the commands given, not chew or dig, not to bark excessively, and to wait their turn are just a few of the many obedience lessons you need to teach them.

The Poodles are a pretty friendly breed and enjoy spending time with you. Even when they are not around their owners. Because they are so smart and have such a loving attitude towards others, the Poodles are considered the top dog breeds to own. If you would like to learn how to train your dog, the Poodle could be a great choice.

# 2 Pembroke Welsh Corgi

Pembroke Welsh Corgi
Image by Elena Rogulina from Pixabay

Are Pembroke Welsh Corgi smart dogs? The truth is that they’re not very intelligent in the sense that they can’t figure out things by themselves. They are smart but different than most other dog breeds. These dogs make a great family pet.

In the U.K., many Pembroke Welsh Corgi breeders specialize in breeding and selling this breed of dog. In the U.S.A., some breeders breed these dogs for sale in dog shows and through dog owners who want a dog with high intelligence. Some of these dogs can be found at dog shows, and you can usually find them at a reasonable price if you look around. Just as long as you know where to look and what you are looking for, you should have no problem finding a good dog for you.

The intelligence level of Pembroke Welsh Corgi can vary greatly, and it depends a lot on what kind of breed they are and what kind of training their parents received. If the parents didn’t get proper training, then the dog may be extremely intelligent and will be able to figure out things on their own. But if the parents received proper training, then the dog might be able to figure things out more easily and will also have a higher potential for being trained.

Some of the traits of Pembroke Welsh Corgis that have led them to become such intelligent dogs are their keen sense of hearing and sight. Their eyesight is also quite good, especially in comparison to other types of dogs. Because of their keen senses of hearing and sight, these dogs don’t tend to bark a lot. Some Pembroke Welsh Corgis may even have never barked in their entire life!

To be successful in having your Pembroke Welsh Corgi train and be trained correctly, you must show it proper obedience training from the day you bring it home. If you want to get this dog as a puppy, you need to make sure that the family that you choose will have a strict, firm, loving home that the dog is comfortable with.

The reason why Pembroke Welsh Corgis makes great dogs for families with younger children and small children is because of their high energy level. These dogs have a great need for attention and to be loved. These dogs are great for kids because they don’t get bored easily and they love to chase things.

Children love to chase things and dogs are often just like children in the sense that they want to be with the person that loves them and gives them attention. These dogs love to go after their toys. And you’ll have a great time chasing your child’s toys. You won’t have to worry about the dog playing with any other pets.

If you buy a Pembroke Welsh Corgi, you’ll love this wonderful smart little dog. They are loyal to their families, will help you on walks, and they will provide love and companionship. They are the perfect family dog.

Pembroke Welsh Corgis can get along with children, but it has to be done properly. A well behaved dog is a happy dog. This is a very intelligent dog. They should be treated with kindness and they shouldn’t be constantly harassed.

The Pembroke Welsh Corgi is one of the most intelligent breeds out there. They have an eagerness to please their owners and they are very good dogs to have around the house. They have all the qualities of a well-behaved dog, yet they are friendly, happy dogs that love their families.

# 3 Yorkshire Terrier

yorkshire terrier
Image by fernandoprado from Pixabay

Is Yorkshire Terrier intelligent? The simple answer is yes and no. Several factors will help you determine the intelligence level of your Yorkshire Terrier, but it is important to understand that not all Yorkshire Terriers are alike.

To make sure that your Yorkshire Terrier truly is intelligent, you need to know what to look for and how to spot it in a dog. If you know what to look for, you should have no trouble spotting a dog that is not smart. Knowing how to spot intelligent dogs is much harder than knowing what to look for.

The first factor that you should watch for in a Yorkshire Terrier is if it has very active and inquisitive behavior. Yorkshire Terriers are natural hunters and are known to be very inquisitive and interested in everything around them. They are very inquisitive animals which may show curiosity about anything that is happening around them such as their owners, other dogs, children, and even strangers. Because they are naturally inquisitive, it will be important for you to keep an eye on your dog’s behavior because it can indicate that your dog is not only a smart dog but a natural hunter as well.

Another factor that you should watch for in a Yorkshire Terrier is if it seems to be overly sensitive or anxious. This is something that can also be indicators of a smart dog. Although these dogs are naturally inquisitive, they can also become anxious when their needs are not met. For instance, if your dog is always on the go and always wants to go places at the drop of a hat, then you may want to consider training your dog to use a designated area as his or her own personal “den”.

A final factor that you should watch for in a Yorkshire Terrier is if it seems to have problems with separation anxiety. Separation anxiety is a problem that many dog owners experience with their Yorkshire Terrier and it can lead to behavioral problems. When separation anxiety happens, your dog is so preoccupied with thoughts of separation from you that he or she begins to feel as though they have to constantly run back and forth between your home and the outside world.

Is your dog easily distracted or bored? Is your dog more irritable than usual?

These are all things that will help you determine whether or not your Yorkshire Terrier is intelligent or not, but they are only a few of the factors that you need to watch out for. If you want to learn more about the intelligence level of this breed of dog, then you will want to visit your local dog trainer or obedience school so that you can get more information on how your dog may be faring.

A good dog trainer or obedience school will also let you know if any known health problems in your Yorkshire Terrier’s history may affect its ability to be trainable or to be able to perform properly. Be sure to ask about any issues that you feel may be contributing to the behavior of your dog.

You should also try to take your dog out as much as you can if you can. Even if you are not going out with your dog a lot, you should take your dog on walks or go for short errands in the park or the neighborhood as often as possible. This will give you a chance to see your dog in a variety of settings. and to help determine what type of environment it is best suited to.

The next factor that you should watch for in a Yorkshire Terrier is the size of the family that you have, both in terms of size and where you live. You need to make sure that your dog has a comfortable place in your home and that it has plenty of space to roam and play. Make sure that you don’t allow your Yorkshire Terrier to become a couch potato because it may not be as interested in playing.

The last thing that you should watch for in your Yorkshire Terrier is if you notice that your dog is acting out in some form or another. This can be a sign that there is something wrong with your dog. Be sure to talk to your veterinarian about this to make sure that you understand the underlying cause of the behavior and to be able to identify what is causing it. Because Yorkshire Terriers are highly intelligent dogs, you want to ensure that they have a good chance of living a happy and healthy life and of remaining a part of your family.

# 4 Shetland Sheepdog

A Shetland Sheepdog.
Image by JackieLou DL from Pixabay

Is Shetland Sheepdog a smart dog? Some people may say it’s because it is a cross between the Golden Retriever and the Poodle, but this does not make them intelligent.

According to the AKC, the British Kennel Club (BBKC), in the United States, there are four registered intelligent Shelties. These dogs have been tested on various tasks and have performed admirably. These dogs were tested against other dogs in different conditions.

The test was performed by testing the Shetland’s memory by having him do a “long walk”. He was to go through a field, which he learned how to navigate. Then, he went to a park and the same field but was led in the wrong direction. Finally, he was back at the park and was able to follow the commands to get to his destination without getting lost.

This is a very good behavior for a dog to have. The dog can easily remember the steps. This also shows that the dog can be taught. It is an indication of intelligence and a great accomplishment. If he can learn to walk long distances, it would be very impressive.

Another test was that the Shetland was taught to locate a certain object. When the dog finds the object, it is rewarded with treats. This again showed that the Sheltland has a learning ability. It can find objects when it is rewarded with treats.

There is no doubt that the Sheltland is indeed a smart dog. The tests show that they have the mental capacity to be able to follow directions and to recognize their owners.

The Shetland is a loving pet. He is the type of dog who will always want to be with you. He will always want to please you. Sheltland also loves children. He is a gentle dog who will love kids of all ages. A Shepherd also does great with children and young children. He is very affectionate towards children.

This dog has a very good temperament and is an intelligent dog. He is a very happy dog. He is a friendly dog and is always willing to play with you. If you have the chance to train him, he will become one of the most well-behaved dogs. The Shepherds can be very loyal too. They have a high affection for their masters.

You can see that this dog is very intelligent. He is one of the most intelligent dogs. He is also very loyal to his master. The Sheltland is a dog with all of the characteristics that make a great companion. He is a well-behaved dog who loves kids and children.

You can learn a lot about a smart dog by watching him. You can see that he is smart enough to know what is happening around him. He will do great as a family pet because he is devoted to his master and children. He will also be devoted to his family. If you have the chance to train him, you can do that because he has a very long memory.

He is also a very loyal dog. He will work to please you and do whatever it takes to please you. If you train him right, he will be loyal and faithful to you. He is also a very obedient, intelligent dog. He knows what is expected of him and does everything that he is told to do. He has very good judgment skills.

He is also a very playful dog. He loves to run around and get himself into trouble and can get into a lot of trouble when he is out on his own. This dog makes a great companion and is a very good dog for children. You can see how much this dog is intelligent and how easily you can train him.

# 5 Papillon

Is Papillon a smart dog? The question has become more relevant as breeders continue to experiment with the genetics of their dogs to produce the next ‘designer’ dog, and as the dog breeders’ industry continues to grow at an alarming rate.

So, is Papillon a smart dog or not? First, what exactly is the definition of smart? According to The Merriam Webster’s Dictionary (2020), it is a: “being able to think and reason.” In simple terms, an intelligent dog is one that can think for itself and learn new things in a way that other dogs or even people could not.

There are several characteristics that breeders and dog owners will look for in a dog that they consider a smart dog. The first of these characteristics is intelligence because it is a definite quality that can be tested and proven by testing its mental abilities and learning skills.

But what does a dog have to do to be considered an intelligent dog? One way would be to take a dog’s temperament, and if it is determined to be a timid, nervous, or anxious dog, it is a good bet that this dog is also considered to be an intelligent dog. If a dog is a highly intelligent dog then it will have a high level of intelligence, which it may not display when it is young.

When choosing a puppy for sale as a pet, it is very important to ensure that the dog you are considering is one that is not overly aggressive or destructive. While a dog may seem like it is too much for you at first, don’t worry! It will become more manageable and eventually even more intelligent as it matures. Just remember that the dog is in your home for a very long time, so make sure you choose wisely and that the puppy will be able to enjoy your company, and not be a threat to the rest of the family.

When looking for an intelligent breed for sale, keep in mind that there are many different breeds of dogs. Some of them are known for being stubborn, or hyperactive, while others are more laid back and quiet. You should always do your research before choosing the dog because choosing the wrong breed could leave you in a world of trouble if you were to buy a dog that was too aggressive or overbearing.

There is nothing wrong with asking a breeder, or owner of an intelligent dog what the best traits in an intelligent dog are. If you can ask a real owner of the breed what the qualities of an intelligent dog are, then you will be better prepared to make an informed decision.

Breeders are just like every breed of dog in the world and can provide you with the information you need to make a well-informed decision on the breed of dog that you are considering. This information will not only help you find the right dog, but it will give you insight into the intelligence level of the breed as well.

The majority of intelligent dogs are prone to be shy or nervous, and may not interact well with other animals in their environment. When looking for a dog for sale that has these traits, don’t go overboard. Instead, focus on the personality traits that make the dog your ideal pet, and which ones it will most likely have. if you know the breed of dog and how it is raised.

Some of the dogs that have these different personalities are extremely shy or extremely outgoing. Others are quiet and low-maintenance. And others are high-maintenance and extremely active. So the key to finding the dog that is right for you is to determine what characteristics will be most beneficial to you.

Once you have determined what the best traits are for your dog, it is important to be aware of the history of the breed, and its natural environment. You need to be aware of the reasons why the dog came to be, and where it is living now.

One way to learn about the history of the breed is by visiting the breeder and talking with the people who raised the breed, to find out what their experiences were. You may find that they had a specific personality trait that they want you to know about, or they may not have any information to share. Knowing the history of the breed will help you make a well-educated choice when it comes to the dog.

# 6 Fox Terrier

A Fox terrier laying on the grass.
Image by Susanne Shawn from Pixabay

The Fox Terrier is a beautiful and loyal dog that can be an adorable pet. It is also a very smart and protective breed of dog. Some people mistakenly think that this dog is an obedient dog, when in fact, it is much more than that.

The Fox Terrier was first bred as a fighting dog in the late 1800s. A dog that was known as the “Punching Bag” and its strong nature made it a great fighter. They were used to help control the wild boars in the American Midwest. Even today, the dog is still one of the most widely used fighting dogs.

A question often asked is; is Fox Terrier a smart dog? The answer to this question depends on how you look at them. If you look at them as fighting dogs, then yes, they are very intelligent and can be trained easily. However, if you look at them as a family pet, you will find that they are intelligent, curious, and can easily be trained as a companion.

You will find that they do not need a lot of exercises, so training them to be a companion is easy. Their intelligence makes it easy to teach them to sit, stay, heel, come, or lie down. The only thing that a responsible owner should do is to train the dog to follow basic commands such as stop, sit, and come. As a dog owner, you will also need to consider that the Fox Terrier is a very fast and agile dog.

When it comes to training a dog, the question is not are Fox Terrier a smart dog, but how will you train your dog? You will need to get a dog training book and use some basic obedience training techniques such as sit, down and stay, praise, and treat.

In addition to teaching your dog to be a companion and to follow basic commands, you need to understand that he is still a dog. You should be ready to work and train him if he shows signs that he needs to. If he bites or misbehaves, you will need to be firm and keep him in his place for some time.

One other important point to keep in mind is that the Fox Terrier can be aggressive. If the dog begins to snap at children or other pets, or strangers, then you need to take action right away and train him not to snap at humans.

Although the Fox Terrier does have some physical characteristics that make them a little rough around the edges, it does make them a very intelligent dog. The dog is a very loyal companion, who you can share the joys and pleasures of life with, and who will also help make for a very loyal friend.

These dogs are also great companionship animals. When you live with them, you will find that you have more energy and have more fun. They are very social creatures and like to spend time with other dogs or people. These dogs have been known to help rescue animals when the need arises. The most common breed of dog in the USA is the Fox Terrier. This is the breed that is known for its intelligence and loyalty. This dog is a good companion for those who are active and are in a lot of fun.

The Fox Terrier is a great choice for families with children. Since the dog is small, you can easily keep them close to you to keep an eye on them. When you choose to adopt a dog, you need to remember that they are a dog. They may be a bit rough around the edges, but they make a wonderful pet and a great companion.

# 7 Chihuahua

A chihuahua psoing.
Image by HG-Fotografie from Pixabay

Is your Chihuahua a smart dog? Chihuahuas have high intelligence and the ability to communicate with humans, even to the point of being able to learn a word and understand the meaning behind it.

Most people would classify these kinds of toy dogs as being some sort of lovable pets, however, many people are still in the dark about this dog’s intelligence and true nature. In most cases, the answer is yes, Chihuahuas can be quite intelligent dogs but not always. This dog breed can be extremely stubborn and even more so than some other dogs.

Most Chihuahuas are very easy to train and can be trained by almost anyone. Although they are intelligent and can become very stubborn if they are not treated with respect, they can become very loving pets to a loving family.

Dog intelligence cannot be measured in terms of sheer ability. They tend to be very inquisitive and curious about their surroundings and people and their thoughts. However, if a dog does have some kind of problem that needs solving or something that is not working out properly, it will become very apparent to the owner that the dog may have a problem and they will need to try a new approach or treat the dog differently.

If you make sure that you are consistent in your training techniques, you can teach your dog the tricks and commands without your dog becoming confused and frustrated. Just remember to treat your dog right and you will have a great companion for life, even with a small dog like this.

Chihuahua’s can also be quite playful and are often the most fun to take care of dogs in the world, even if they are not as intelligent as many of the other dog breeds. It is not hard to create a fun-loving relationship with this dog, even with just one or two children around. When you give your Chihuahua a treat, you will see that he or she wants to play with it and will even try to hide it from the other children.

Because these small dogs can get into all kinds of small places, accidents will usually not cause any real harm to the dog or other people. It is the owner who should be responsible for getting the dog safely back inside after an accident.

These dogs are a lot of fun to own and can make a person happy. Whether they are a family pet or a pet for a child, Chihuahua can be a great companion. Chihuahuas are one of the oldest dog breeds and they were used as hunting dogs for centuries. Since then, these dogs have become quite fashionable and are now seen as the ideal dog for any family or household.

Because Chihuahuas are so cute and adorable, they are very popular and there is always a waiting list of people who want to own one of these dogs. This means that you do not have to travel all over the place looking for a suitable home for your dog.

Chihuahuas are very intelligent and when you are trying to train them, it is easy to teach them how to be obedient and train them to follow simple commands. You can get the dog on a leash and let it go and it will understand what you mean by that command and follow it accordingly. If you have kids around, you can give them the commands and tell them what they should do.

The Chihuahua is a very loyal and loving animal and will show it by being very affectionate towards its owner. When they grow up, they will be very devoted to their owner and become very responsible. They will not only become companions for your children but also be able to take care of them in many ways, such as grooming them, and giving them attention if they need it.

# 8 Rat Terrier

If you have been looking for a Rat Terrier breed that is intelligent and would make an excellent companion for your child, then the Rat Terrier is one of them. This dog’s intelligence and willingness to please can make it a perfect pet for any age or household.

The Rat Terrier is a medium-sized dog that weighs approximately 10 – 25 pounds. 

Being a small-sized dog, a Rat Terrier dog is also known to be active. One can find this dog playing in parks, playing in ponds, or just running around with people. This breed is also known to have high levels of loyalty to its owner. These dogs are very devoted and loving and can become extremely attached to their owners.

This dog is considered to be a very intelligent dog. They are known to possess outstanding memory abilities, great hearing, and very sensitive to human touch. Another characteristic of these dogs is their ability to become territorial when left alone. This can be an excellent companion to a family who has children as this dog would never harm a child and would play with them and keep them company.

Although this breed is not the smartest dog in the world, it is considered as one of the most intelligent. It is one of the few dog breeds that can learn to talk. This makes this breed an ideal dog to have as a family pet. A Rat Terrier owner could very well say that having a Rat Terrier would make them more mature than other families.

A Rat Terrier is known for being loyal, responsible, and loving. This breed could also become a good companion for children as well as adults. These dogs do not suffer from aggressive tendencies nor are they prone to aggression with other pets or humans. Even though these dogs may appear to be timider, the intelligence level is much higher than other dogs making this dog a very intelligent dog.

Although these dogs are not the smartest dog breed, the Rat Terrier is considered one of the most intelligent dog breeds. This dog has been bred for a long time and its memory and intelligence are one of a kind. A Rat Terrier owner will never have trouble finding his dog’s mistakes or having to correct his dog’s behavior. This breed is known to be very trainable and loyal to its master and would always be at your side.

If you are looking for a dog that is friendly, loyal, obedient, and intelligent, then the Rat Terrier is a dog that would make an ideal pet for you and your family. This breed of dog is very gentle and loving.

With all of the qualities that make up this dog, you will see yourself having this dog as your faithful companion and friend for many years to come. The good thing about owning a Rat Terrier is that they do not require constant attention or even a lot of exercise as they do not need a lot of physical activity.

If you are thinking about getting a dog of this breed, then you would want to think twice. Just like any other pet, the Rat Terrier is a breed that has to have special care. Since they are so intelligent, you would not want to take on too much responsibility with a dog of this type.

The Rat Terrier is not a breed that would fit in well with a family with small kids and should be left alone when your kids are around. Since these dogs love to play, it would not be a good idea to let it out for walks without some form of supervision.

There are some things you would want to consider before buying a Rat Terrier breed. First of all, you would want to make sure you know what kind of pet you are going to get as this dog is not the easiest of the dog breeds. However, if you decide to go with the Rat Terrier breed, then you will have a very loyal friend for many years to come.

These are just some of the smartest small dog breeds on the market and are very intelligent and loving. So if you are looking for a small dog that will make a great addition to your family, you should consider these breeds. You can look for a puppy or adult dog at your local pet store or by searching online for information.


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