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Which is Better Shih Tzu or Maltese? (Solved & Explained)

For many years, this question has been asked by people who want to know which is better Shih Tzu or Maltese. They are both great dog breeds, but it is important to know which one to get and what the differences are. Read on to discover more.

About The Shih Tzu

The Shih Tzu dog has a unique personality that makes it one of the most lovable and fun dogs around. The Shih Tzu originated in China and is an Oriental dog breed. This breed of dog is typically very affectionate and friendly, making them easy to train.

They also have a friendly and easy disposition that will make you feel great about having them in your home. They are often used as companions and they do have many similarities with other dogs such as a love for children, love of water, and even like to play fetch.

The Shih Tzu has a long history of being used as a companion and as a herding dog. The Chinese often used them to herd large herds of cattle or even small groups of sheep. They were also used as hunting dogs. The Shih Tzu of today has remained their original form of being used as companion dogs.

If you decide to get a Shih Tzu puppy or adult, you will want to make sure that you understand the basic Shih Tzu dog-care techniques. It is important to ensure that your dog stays healthy and happy by providing the proper diet and medical attention. You will also need to establish a schedule that you follow for their exercise and grooming.

A healthy diet is a must. To give your dog the best chance at a healthy life, you should also consider the amount of exercise your dog gets each day and the frequency of grooming.

Shih Tzu requires regular grooming. Just like with any other dog, your Shih Tzu will also need brushing twice each week. These will help to keep their coats strong and shiny. Also, you may want to brush their nails down periodically to remove any dirt that has collected in them.

The Shih Tzu of today is more sensitive to fleas and other parasites than their ancestors. To avoid this, you should always remember to take them to the vet so that you can check for ticks and fleas. You can also try using a topical treatment to help keep fleas and ticks at bay.

The Shih Tzu is also prone to hip dysplasia, so if you have a dog that is overweight, you may want to work on changing that first before trying to get a Shih Tzu. Obesity is also a cause of hip dysplasia. An ideal weight is 20 pounds, although dogs that are under 10 pounds can still be a good choice. In addition to making sure that your dog is getting the proper nutrition, you may want to use a diet that has a lot of fiber-rich dog foods.

If you think that your Shih Tzu is not doing well at home, you should make an appointment with your veterinarian and see what type of surgery you can get them with. Hip dysplasia can cause the bone to become weak or misshapen. Surgery can correct these conditions and will help you improve the health and longevity of your dog’s joints.

The size of the Shih Tzu dog depends largely on its age. The older the dog is, the bigger it will be. To get the proper size, it may be a good idea to have your dog checked by a vet to make sure it is healthy enough for you to buy. When buying your Shih Tzu dog, you should consider its age. A small dog may be a good choice for a large family, but they can also be quite active and require daily exercise.

The Shih Tzu dog is a bit prone to developing allergies, so it is important to keep the environment clean at all times. Keep it clean of flea bites, ticks, and other parasites. You should also make sure you are using a shampoo that is specially made for them and is not toxic to the dog. 

Finally, the Shih Tzu is a breed that is known for its strength. So, if you are looking for a strong, devoted dog to love and protect your home, this is a great choice. Give it a try and see how it goes.

About The Maltese

The Maltese dog is a very nice and wonderful breed. But it can also be very hardy and strong. This breed will be very good with children and very gentle with other animals and people. This breed will work well with children, but they can be aggressive with other dogs that are smaller than them. They will also become very protective of their owners and themselves.

The Maltese dog was developed in Germany by breeding dogs with the same appearance. The dog’s coat is short with a white tip. The hair on their face is thick and curly. They will be very nice and gentle with other dogs. However, due to their size and build, they are not very good with children.

They are extremely healthy dogs and have been bred for hundreds of years to make them a great companion and pet. These dogs will grow to be very large dogs, which is a natural characteristic of this breed, so you will need to take care when choosing one for your home.

This dog is very easy to take care of and should stay in good condition for the remainder of its life. Because of their large size, they are heavier than others, and as a result, will require more exercise. If you do not want to spend all your time outside, or you live in an apartment, these dogs may not be the right choice for you.

There are many advantages to having this dog as a pet. You can take them with you anywhere you go. You will love having them around for many different reasons because they have such a friendly personality. You will find that you will get along very well with them.

You will need to provide plenty of exercise for your dog because they are very strong and active dogs. If you are not experienced in caring for a dog, you may want to consider getting a miniature poodle instead, because they tend to be more manageable and can be house trained quickly.

Because they are very energetic, you may want to look into getting the Maltese dog if you have children. This dog can become very bored very quickly. And if you have more than one dog, they can get into mischief if you do not control them. 

They are very loyal and loving dogs. The Maltese will make an excellent pet for a family that loves to be outdoors and to travel.

Because these dogs are highly active, they need a lot of exercises. You should take your Maltese dog on walks, and if you are going to be on a long road trip, you will want to make sure that they are safe and secure. The best way to do this is to make sure they are crate trained when you are traveling. If you are traveling by car, you will want to make sure your Maltese is inside the car and not outside, when it is cold outside

If you are going to bring your Maltese home, you will need to get them used to be your new family member. You can do this by taking them to the park to meet people and play with them. And remember that they are not like other dogs who need to be taught to be house trained to be your dog’s companion. If they are left at home alone, you may find them snuggling up on your bed! waiting for you to come home or sleeping at the foot of the bed.

As your family grows, you will find that they are a great companion and will always be there when you need them. You will also find that they are a great family dog because they will make great watchdogs since they are naturally protective.

When it comes to the Maltese dog, you will find that they can make wonderful companions. And, they will be there for you when you need them most.

Which Is Better Shih Tzu Or Maltese


The other obvious difference between a Shih Tzu and a Maltese is their temper. Both of these dogs are great at being a companion. It is important to note however that they do have different temperaments and can be very different from each other.

A Shih Tzu will need more love than a Maltese. They are also not as laid back as a Maltese, so owners with timid dogs would find this breed hard to get along with.

On the other hand, Shih Tzus are much easier to train than a Maltese. They are not as outgoing as a Maltese and can be a bit shy. However, they are very intelligent and can learn just about anything you teach them. If you do not want a very high energy dog, then you should consider getting a Shih Tzu.


In terms of grooming, you will notice that Shih Tzus are much easier to groom. The Shih Tzu will clean their fur, which makes them much more hygienic. Also, the Shih Tzu is much less likely to soil their carpet which makes them more acceptable. then the Maltese.


One other difference between the two is that the Shih Tzus are very energetic and will eat a lot. This means that you will have to provide your dog with plenty of exercise. to keep it healthy and happy.


There are many other differences between the two, but one that stands out the most is that a Shih Tzu is more social than the Maltese. This makes it very easy to get along with a new family. Also, a Shih Tzu will never get lonely because of all the attention it gets and will always get attention when needed. This dog is great around children.


When choosing a Shih Tzu or Maltese make sure you get one that has all the health problems checked out. Just like any other pet, you want to make sure that your dog is healthy. This will make your life much easier down the road.

Maltese/Shih Tzu Mixed Breed Dog

If you’ve always wanted a dog that’s a little different from the rest, you can now adopt a Maltese and Shih Tzu mix dog together. When you adopt a Maltese or a Shih Tzu mix dog, you get to have a dog that looks, acts, and has all of the same qualities as its full-breed counterparts but with a more domestic appearance.

The Maltese and the Shih Tzu have a lot in common, including their love of children and affection for you. They both like to play fetch, and both breeds love the attention they are given. They both need routine is something that a Maltese and a Shih Tzu mix will enjoy. 

A Maltese and the Shih Tzu mix dog are also very intelligent. They are both very loving and protective dogs, so if you have younger children, you’re sure to have no problems raising them around this type of dog. This mix has a good temperament and will generally stay calm and polite with children. They are very friendly to other dogs as well.

The Maltese and the Shih Tzu mixed dog are good with children but should be trained carefully because they are territorial and will want to protect themselves if they don’t feel secure. This is especially important for younger children since the Maltese and the Shih Tzu mix are known to be aggressive towards other dogs and kids.

If you’re a person who’s always on the go, a Maltese and the Shih Tzu mix dog are a great pet for you, since they will respond well to physical exercise and daily walks. You’ll find that the dogs require regular grooming and cleaning at least once or twice a week, especially since they are usually extremely clean dogs. And will shed quite often.

Make sure that you are prepared when they become part of your family.

Dog Comparison Chart

( 1 is lowest rating and 5 is highest)

Breed ComparisonShih TzuMaltese
Training Difficulty33
Intelligence Level54
Apartments/Condo Living4.54.5
Can be left alone43.75
Good with kids55


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